Note: This fanfiction, A Tear In Reality, is rated T for future violence and language.

Introduced Main CharactersEdit

Name & Age: Danielle "Dani" McKain, 17 years old
Personality: She is a fiesty, bratty girl who always look towards the dark side of everything. She is disrespectful and very rebellious, and will do anything for a reason. She absolutely despises the fact that her parents always edges her to be a "proper lady", and always do the things opposite just to spite them.
Appearance: She has ruffled, long, jet black hair with a bang that reaches her emerald green eyes, and constantly wears a long-sleeved purple shirt, very short jeans/shorts, a leather black vest that stops right above her stomach, and tall black leather boots. She has pale skin.
Relationship(s): She is currently in no relationships with any other characters in the story.
Extra(s): Danielle has mild ADHD.
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