Chapter 1Edit

The Hunger Games, a cruel competition between 24 kids who must fight to the death, using ony their wits and their survival skills, and whatever their sponsors give them, and the weapons and other things at the Cornucopia, and their mentors.

13 districts, 2 tributes each, a boy and a girl ranging between 12 and 18.

Heather always replayed this in her head, she was 15 now, which meant her name was entered 4 times, but she never had to take a tessarae because she was a Merchants daughter, she lived in the wealthier part of town in District 12, the coal mining district.

The tessarae was usually used by the kids that lived in the Seam, the poor part of district 12, the tessarae gave you a months worth of grain to have your name entered double the times.

As Heather walked down the streets, she watched as Peacekeepers marched around, puffing out their chests as if they owned the place.

She sighed, the reapings were today, and she was meant to be there at the designated time, unless she was on deaths bed, but she wasn't, sadly, and unfortunatly.

Heather went to the square, knowing that this was going to be a new type of Hunger Games, all of the Capitol was apparently talking about, a new, International, Hunger Games.

She wasn't sure if the countries agreed with this or not, but they obviously had, or else they wouldn't be doing this, although she couldn't see why though, The Hunger Games were horrible.

She wasn't sure what the rules were for this though, as she walked to the reapings.

The reapings were the same though, as their escort walked up onto the stage and called, "Welcome, welcome, to the first ever, international Hunger Games!"

No one made a noise, and Heather just wached as he continued without caring that no one cheered or yelled, not even a little bit surprised.

"The rules have been changed to suit these type of games, the new arena that we have built now spans in the Wilds." he said quickly.

"Also, District 12 has been picked to give four tributes to the new games, as with the group of eight, an old organization involving the countries that had the most economic wealth and power." he said, and continued, "Which included the Wilds, which in that time, was Canada, but now, it has gone to the group of Seven."

"I'm assuming all of you know what the group of seven is, so let the Reapings begin with the girls!" he said, going to the reaping ball with all the girls names.

He rubbed his hands together, then dipped his hand in for the first girl.

He opened it, and called, "Kylie White!"

Kylie was a tiny 13 year old, with dark skin and black hair, it was obvious she was from the Seam.

She flew up to the stage, being a very competitive girl, her gray eyes flashing smugly to the kids around her, as if daring to volenteer for her.

He smiled at her eagerness, and dipped his hand into the reaping ball again, and called, "Heather Williams!"

Heathers heart stopped, she started to walk to the stage, she felt all eyes on her, as she stepped onto the stage, to stand beside Kylie.

He then called, "Now! It's the boys turn!" he bounced to the reaping ball, pulling out a name, and calling, "James Wood!"

James also looked like he was from the seam, with the typical dark skin, gray eyes, and black hair. He walked up to the stage calmly, he was 14.

He then called the next boy, "Adam Hart!"

Adam was a medium built 18 year old, he strutted up onto the stage. Also very confident.

He looked at the cameras, and yelled, "Cheer for Panems tributes!"

Even though it was dead silent, Heather knew that people were cheering in the other districts and even more in the capitol.

They were immediately led to the train, and they said that they were first going to the capitol to get some training and their prep teams to pretty them up.

The train was a long silver one, with flame like engines making it move toward the capitol. Heather sighed, leaving the other 3 to talk.

She must have fallen asleep, because she was woken up by their escort, who was stressed from trying to wake them all up.

"Up! Up! We have a big day ahead, and little time to do it!" he hissed through clenched teeth, and ran out of her room.

She sighed, getting dressed, and realised that the reason he was waking her up was because that they were at the capitol.

As they bounded off, Kylie was pointing out everything to everyone, awed at all the tall buildings and lights. Adam was as still as stone.

They were led into a hotel, where they were going to stay until the games, the hotel had the training room, where the game makers would see them privately, and then give them scores, 12 being the max number.

She bumped into another person, and they both, awkwardly, said, "Sorry!"

She looked up at the person, almost backing up as quickly as she ran into him, he was very tall, even though Heather didn't have to look up at him, being extremely tall herself.

"I'm sorry.." he said quietly, his voice had the musical quality of an accent she couldn't place, and she sighed in relief, I guess being big and being scary are two different things.

"Oh.. No, that's alright, I wasn't paying attention!" she laughed nervously, looking straight at him, trying not to flinch from his green gaze.

"Um.. Are you alright?" he asked, a bit concerned, Heather felt like she was acting like a weird person, or a hypnotized one.

"Fine!" she laughed even more nervously, and jumped when she heard another voice, with the same musical quality, but a bit rougher.

"Seamus, will you hurry it up?" the boy growled, "I'm bored, and Sky is starting to really bug me!"

Seamus sighed, "I'm coming!" he walked past Heather, then said, "Bye then."

"Bye?" she tipped her head in confusion, almost sad to see the boy go.

Kylie walked up to her and said, "Are you alright? Your eyes are glazed..." she poked her, "Did you meet an enemy or something?"

"E-Enemy?!" she gasped, looking straight at Kylie, "What do you mean by enemy?!" she asked with shock.

"You know, the enemy! You know it's not good to make friends with the enemy, you might end up killing them, or they might end up killing you.." Kylie muttered, tapping her head.

"K-Kill me..." Heather sighed, shaking her head.

Kylie looked at who she was talking too, and got a big smile on her face, "Oh, I see! I met them a bit ago! One of them was 13! She was pretty friendly!"

Kylie sighed "The older ones are cute too, none of them are my age though, but still cute-", she then looked at Heather, "Uh, how did you meet exactly?"

Heather muttered, "Um.. Bumped into each-other!"

"Heheh, funny, well, we better go, you can probably talk to them in the training centre tomorrow!" Kylie bounced, then ran to their escort, who was trying not to get stressed.

She rolled her eyes and followed them up the elevator, where, she guessed, Panems tributes would be staying for the time being.

She went into her room, the bed was made of some kind of expensive silk, with ocean blue sheets, and white fluffy pillows, and there was a control on her bed-stand, and she grabbed it, curious on what it was.

She clicked one of the buttons, and realised it changed the land-scape of her window, her eyes widened, and browsed through them, until one made her stop.

It was a picture of a forest, she wasn't exactly sure why she stopped, she only stared at the vast green land-scape, with a canopy of trees and mist.

She stuck with that one, and lay in her bed, and she thought, Yep, certainly an expensive fabric, it's so soft, even I'm not used to this.

She felt herself go into a deep sleep, and hoped that this sleep would be peaceful.

Too bad it wasn't.


Heather woke up crying, clutching her pillow for dear life, Adam had heard her crying and went to tell the escort, who's name was Roger, boring name.

She was sipping hot chocolate while Roger questioned her on what she was dreaming about, but she couldn't bring herself to say, especially not to Roger.

She wasn't even exactly sure what she dreamed about, and even if she did, she still wouldn't tell Roger.

"I don't remember! Maybe training will take it off my mind." Heather snapped, walking to the elevator in annoyance.

She went down, and when the door opened, she headed straight for the training centre, ignoring everyone with her, including Kylie, who had become her good friend, even though she was one competitive tribute.

As they entered the training centre, there was other tributes, watching them as they entered, some with studying eyes, some with smug eyes.

She looked around at the stations though, and her eyes wandered onto a silver bow, she knew how to use a bow, but she wasn't sure if she was any good at it.

The trainer came up to them and started her introduction, "This is where you will be training with several weapons and techniques, although I cannot garuntee they will be in the cornucopia."

She looked at some of the bigger kids, who were looking cocky, "And also, fighting between tributes is not allowed, there will be plenty enough of that in the arena, in a couple days time, the game-makers will call you one by one, to give you a training score, that is all for now." she added.

Heather decided to take her chances at the bow station, where a person was waiting.

"Hello.." she muttered, keeping her gaze away from the person.

"Hello, I'm assuming you want to try a bow and arrow?" she asked.

Heather nodded, "I'm not sure I'll be good at it..." she laughed nervously.

"You can always try though..."

She jumped at the voice behind her, she whipped around, and it was Seamus, the boy she saw yesterday, and he said, "Oops... Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, I thought I was going to get here first."

She just laughed, even more nervous, "! That's alright! I get startled easy."

She grabbed the bow and arrow, and she felt Kylie's gaze from the camoflauge station, and Seamus's gaze behind her.

She pulled the arrow back, aiming for the bulls-eye of the dummy, which was the head, she doubted she could get it though.

She narrowed her eyes, remebering that one time she went with her older brother out on her first hunt mission, not that she needed to hunt though, she was doing it for his friend, she was so sad when he died, but no one told her why.

But she knew, she knew it was the capitol that killed him.

She growled inside her, hating the capitol for what they did to her brother, then she let the arrow fly.

She watched as the arrow hit the dummy, square in the chest, she tipped her head. "Huh..." and thought I should use my anger alot more...

Seamus and the girl had.. Not so surprised looks on their faces, but Kylie did, along with a big smile, and gave her a thumbs up.

She passed the bow to Seamus, feeling a bit competitive herself, and she watched, curious on how Seamus was with a bow.

Seamus looked on clamly, puling the bow up, and pulling the arrow back, and almost immediatey letting the arrow fly, which hit the dummy square in the head.

Heathers jaw dropped, not feeling so smug anymore.

He just smiled at her, not in smugness, but in reassurance, and headed to a different station.

She looked around, knew that if she was going to use a bow and arrow in the area, she needed a secondary as a defense.

She went to the daggers station, after being explained to the use of them by the trainer, who then let her practice throwing them, and practicing defensive moves with another trainer.

She wasn't as good at throwing them as much as she was at defending with them.

So when training was over, she went back up to their part of the tower, and went to eat some food.

As the others went into deep conversation, Kylie and James having an arguement if it was possible for someone to balance a potatoe on their nose.

She excused herself, and went to bed, knowing that there was more training to come, way more then needed.

When she woke up that next morning, everyone was bustling and ready to go, Adam and Kylie were aready down at the training centre.

She went to swords, just in case some one took the bow first, and she thought as she practiced sword fighting with one of the trainers, Which is possible...

They stopped, and she sighed, not sure if she was going to live at the blood-bath at the cornucopia, because there was always one, and a lot of kids don't come out of it, and this was different circumstances, Heather knew that these were whole new people she was dealing with, she was used to knowing the districts, and what they were, like the careers.

Heather sighed, sitting down.

Another day would have passed, and tommorow was the private sessions. Too much was being unloaded on them, and she knew she was going to get a horrible score.


The next day, Heather knew that they would go to the private sessions, and their scores would be broadcasted, then after a good nights rest, they would be sent to the area in the wilds, where they would be sent up in little pods.

Oh, and there was that problem of stepping off the plate too early, if that happens, you would get blown sky-high, always.

So, she waited, and waited, and after Kylie, it was her turn.

She walked in, almost grunting in anger, realising that the game makers were too busy drinking and eating too even notice her.

She grabbed the bow instinctivly, and shot a few arrows, always hitting the chest, not that the Game-makers were paying any attention.

She looked around them, and saw a very conveniently placed Portrait with the capitol on it, and the tower, where the president stayed.

She aimed at it, then let the arrow fly, hitting the tower right in the observation deck.

The Game-makers jumped, and turned to look at her with wide eyes, but surprisingly, amazed, and not angry, not even a hint of annoyance.

She bowed sarcastically, and said loud enough for them to hear, "Thank you for your consideration!" she laughed silently, relishing in the fact that she just scared them, and they couldn't do anything about it, after all, she was a tribute.

She told her fellow Panem tributes, who laughed, and congratulated her for doing that, but Roger.. Wasn't so impressed.

"What were you thinking?! Who knows what they will do now! You might get a low mark!" Roger gasped, staring at her as Kylie and James were now wishing they did the same thing.

"They weren't paying attention to me, so I had to get their attention somehow!" Heather laughed, and she saw Adam have the tiniest of smiles.

"But..." Roger sighed, then walked away, waiting for the scores to be announced.

When the scores were announced, they were mostly between 8 and 10, but her score was 11, a fairly high score, especially surprising, because she shot that arrow at the game-makers.

So, this was that, and she went to bed, knowing that, since this was the final night of staying in the Capitol, and heading to the arena in the morning, she would have bad dreams, about her dying... About... someone else dying, something she didn't want.

No matter what.. She wouldn't let that person die, even....

Even if she had to die... For that person to win.

And she knew, that in a way, she would still lose, even if in the end, she was the victor, she would know she had lost, because...

She had a totally different goal now, and it wasn't winning the games, not that she planned on winning, as long as she succeded in something, and died trying, she would be happy, but if the capitol... Killed them, like they killed her brother....

She would be... Lightning to a dry tree, and would try to take down the capitol, for these Games.. These horrible games, that killed kids as young as 12...

To end, before generations after her, didn't have to suffer the way she would. So they wouldn't have to suffer the way, all the tributes did.

She didn't want to kill, but she knew she was going to have too.

And this, to Heather, was a first, and always will be, the first, the first time she thought she was going to die, the first time she actually cared about something.

The first time she was thrown into a pit, depending on her survival skills.

Which she lacked of course.

Heather thought with a laugh At least they exist, if they didn't, then I'd be dead already, even though I am a Merchants daughter, good thing my brother taught me somewhat, how to survive, how to hunt, before the capitol killed him.

Killed him... Because he was a rebel, that he didn't believe their ways, that he didn't want these games, like all the districts.

So this is why... Many people keep their comments to themselves, in fear of not being able to see their families again, over a tiny comment.

A tiny comment.. That will start a fight towards the capitol.

A horrible deed, that will destroy them, I'll make sure of that, if it happens, I'll do everything in my power to protect my allies.

Heather growled, "Because in the end.. no matter if there is one victor, because there really is none, because... Every victor, probably had an ally... That they had lost, to the capitol, which killed them inside because they knew that they could have saved them, and blamed themselves for their allies death, even though it was the capitol, that pitted kids against each-other, sometimes no older then 12."

Heather knew that someday, somehow, these horrid games would end, but even if she did manage to fight in the Capitol, the rebellion would be put down quickly, but she hoped that someday, someone would feed the embers of what was left of a rebellion, so long after them.

That would still be so fresh in the districts... And countries... Minds, knowing that in their hearts, that this was wrong, this was wrong...

Because it was the first time, Heather felt true hate.

Chapter 2Edit

Soon, they were all on a train, together. Heather thought it was awkward, because they were going to be killing each-other in a couple hours, so it was quite silent.

Well, all silent except for some, who were planning amongst themselves, so Heather dubbed them the current Careers, they sure looked like Careers, big, yet very powerful.

Careers were tributes who fromed alliances with other Careers, usually the higher districts were the career districts, they were trained all their life to compete in The Hunger Games.

But Heather didn't count out Seamus or his friend, Bryan, out either, even though they weren't as big or as powerful as the Careers, they were more lethal in smarts and brains, so they had their own little Career pack there.

So the Careers were, Todd, a Russian guy, he seemed quiet when he first met Heather, only saying things in a grunt when she tried to make conversation, actually, he was quiet while they whispered in hushed voices, almost looking skeptical.

The leader, Maria, was a small German girl, she, like Todd, was quiet, but proved to be quite the leader, but she was quite friendly toward Heather, even telling her what Germany was like, Heather always wondered about the other countries.

Then... There was June, a girl from France, she was scary, and really mean, pushing everyone usually, but even she listened to Maria tensely, because Maria just had that persuasion, that Heather guessed, could even interest June, to some extent of course.

No, the only ones that were being quiet were the ones not apart of the Careers.

Bryan, who was sitting beside her, whispered, "Well, isn't this lovely?" he added with a glance to the quiet ones.

"You mean awkward right?" Heather whispered back in a questioning tone, taking in a breath of relief, as it seemed Seamus and Bryan were her allies... For the time being.

"That too." He muttered, now casting a glance to the large Career pack, "They seem to have grouped together."

"Careers." Heather muttered, almost laughing at the look on Bryans face, "Sorry, Careers, for the districts that is, is when a tribute is trained for this compition, they usually always win the games."

Seamus said quietly, "But these aren't districts Heather."

"No, but they work the same.." She whispered back, knowing the promise that the three had made before they boarded the train, they already made their plans.

Bryan then reminded her, "Okay, remember Heather, if you go to the.. What did you call it? Cornucopia?" he shook his head and continued, "We'll try to watch your back, but we also might not be able too, so you need to hurry with that, and get as much stuff as you can, then we will meet later."

Seamus then reminded him, "We don't even know what enviroment this will be like, after all, this is new," he sighed, "We don't even know that if the stuff we want will be at the Cornucopia, for all we know, it could just be useless stuff."

Bryan shook his head, "Then it will be boring, after all, don't the Capitol want a good show?" he asked pointedly, looking out the window.

Heather said, "That's all this is to them, Bryan," she sighed, "A good show, even if the game-makers have to make it interesting for it to be a good show."

"Hey? What do you mean by that, exactly?" Bryan narrowed his eyes worriedly, than laughed, "If you mean that they will kill us if we're being too boring, they can?"

"Yes." Heather murmured quiety, looking at Seamus for reassurance that this was just Bryan joking, but even Seamus looked worried.

Bryan just went silent, then said, "No kidding..."

Heather shook her head, then shivered when she realised they were starting to stop. This is it... she thought This is where I need to survive...

As the Peace-keepers guided them into a building, they showed them to different rooms, with pods in them, obviously leading to the arena, where they would start the games.

She paced the room, almost wanting to burst into tears.

Then she heard an announcer, "All tributes have one minute!"

She went into the pod, and sighed, knowing that she wasn't going to make out of this alive, because what she wanted to do, needed her to die.

She jumped when the pod started to lurch up, and she could only look up to bright sunlight, and she soon found herself staring at a clearing, with the cornucopia smack dab in the middle of it, and forest around them.

She looked around for someone she knew, and saw Seamus, who looked in deep thought, she then turned her gaze to the cornucopia, and saw a bow and arrow. That's my best bet! she thought, then looked at Seamus, who must have known what she was looking at, and shook his head.

She nodded her head though, and whispered, "What do I have to lose?"

Then, she jumped when she heard a horn, almost immediately jumping off her pedastal, and heading toward the bow and arrows.

But she was over-taken by another tribute, who tackled her, and had a knife raised.

She waited for him to finish her, but he froze, and dropped the knife.

She stood up quickly, grabbing the nearest packs, forgetting all about the bow and arrow, and she looked at the person who threw the knife, and was surprised to see it was Adam, her fellow tribute. Who looked conflicted.

She then began to run, even though she thought her name was called, she just continued running, not caring if someone, or something, was following her.

She fell into a small grove, and flinched when her hand smacked on a loose rock.

She took a breath, looking around quickly, than realised that the rock was covering a hole, which led to a small, yet safe, cave, and she went in to it.

She sat down, looking at her hand, which seemed a bit bruised, but was not majorly sprained, just strained a little bit.

She looked in her packs, and was relieved to find blankets and sleeping bags, food, some defensive weapons, and one sword in the biggest pack, with some rope.

She then peaked through a small hole, looking around to see if anyone was out there, and was relieved there was no one in sight.

But she was worried for Bryan and Seamus, she saw them at the cornucopia, but when she ran, they had disappered.

She went out, and watched the sky for a little bit, then flinched when she heard cannons, 3 times, 3 tributes dead.

She hoped that none of them were Bryan and Seamus.

She jumped when she heard a noise, she took her sword out of it's sheath, and pointed to where the sound was coming from.

"Will you relax, Heather? It's me! Kylie!" the little girl flew out of the bushes, and laughed at Heathers face, "You should see your face!"

Kylie then froze. "Are you alright?" she asked.

Heather looked at her. "Can you go in the cave, and wait, I need to find Bryan and Seamus!" she said quickly.

Kylie was about to say something, but Heather shoved her into the cave, and she whispered. "You stay here, there's some defensive weapons in my pack, I need you to stay safe Kylie!"

Kylie just nodded, and could only watched as Heather ran through the forest, knowing she would remember where her camp was, by the many willows that surrounded it, the only williows in this forest.

She called "Seamus! Bryan!" and stopped to take a breath, looking around.

"H-Heather?" a familiar voice called.

A shaken and dizzy Bryan came stumbling out, and collapsed onto his knees, shaking his head. "Okay, I don't remember much, all I remember is someone whacking me over the head with a brick.. Or was it... I don't know." he shrugged, standing up as Heather rushed to him.

"Are you alright?! And where's Seamus!?" she asked.

Bryan looked confused, and for the first time since Heather met him, a look of horror flashed across his face.

"They.. June..." he muttered, looking sick, "I..."

"Don't worry, Bryan, we'll get him." Heather said in a soothing tone, or what she hoped to be one, because she was never good with calming people down.

Bryan stood up, and shook his head. "Well, I probably won't be as much use to you, since I got knocked around pretty badly, but I do know where they attacked us," he said, with a small laugh, "I still think I got hit over the head with a brick."

Then, Heather started to follow him, her sword unsheathed, pointing at every rustle, and jumping at every twig cracking.

Than, they jumped when June came out, smiling devilishly, with Todd following her, with Seamus in what Heather immediately recognized to be a chokehold.

"Looking for something you two?" she laughed, looking at Todd, who just stared at her, emotionless.

Seamus wasn't even trying, yet he didn't look like he was going to last long in that hold.

Seamus seemed to be trying to signal to Heather, than pointed up.

She looked up, then saw the bow, and the arrows, where Seamus must have put them, probably knowing that Todd and June were going to get them first.

Heather growled, "I say June, we've come to a stale-mate."

She nodded to Bryan who picked up a stone, and chucked it at the bow, and the bow fell, and Heather caught it, just as Todd was about to kill Seamus.

She didn't hesitate this time, this wasn't training, she aimed for his arm, even though it would risk also hitting Seamus, but she knew Seamus wouldn't blame her.

She let go, and she heard Todd grunt in pain, letting go of Seamus.

Seamus stood up as quickly as he could, and backed away from Todd.

Todd growled, "We should go, June."

June just laughed, than shrugged, "Maybe we should, see you later Heather, hope you don't get killed before I can first!" she said, leading Todd away from them, at which Heather rushed to Seamus, who was trying to regain breath.

Bryan just laughed, "Why are you so melodramatic, Seamus!? You could have easily broken out of that choke-hold!"

Heather seemed confused, then realised Seamus had a dagger, and he smiled. "I thought it would make it more interesting if Heather did it."

Heather said, "But you risked your life by doing that!"

Seamus shook his head. "I assure you Heather, if you missed, I still wouldn't be in danger." he reassured her.

"Still, what if I hit you?" she asked worried.

Seamus then went silent, then sighed, "You didn't miss though, I knew you wouldn't." he pointed out, then looked around, "Do you know someplace where we could stay?"

"Yeah.. I kind of fell into it though..." Heather laughed nervously, then led them to the cave.

She looked in, and rolled her eyes when Kylie wasn't there, probably went somewhere else for the time being.

They all huddled in, and she closed her rock door, and asked, "So.. What are we going to do?"

Bryan said almost right away, "Split up," when he saw the look on Heathers face he added, "We won't be long though, Seamus wants to look for Sky."

Seamus nodded. "Yeah, she wanted me to look for her after we got to the arena.. Do you know which tributes died?" he asked Heather.

Heather shook her head. Then looked at Bryan, "Are you sure you should go running around the woods in your state? You did get whacked over the head with something heavy." she asked.

Bryan waved it off. "Meh, I've been whacked over the head lots of times, this is no different!" he laughed, then went out of the cave, followed by Seamus.

Hetaher called after them, "W-Wait! We need something to contact each-other!"

Seamus smirked, then took something out of his pack, then passed it to her, which she recognized as a whistle.

Seamus smiled, "Use that, Bryan has another one, use it when you're in trouble." he said, then followed Bryan away from the willow forest.

Heather whispered as they left, "I'm not the one that's going to be in trouble." then yelled, "Stay safe will you?"

Bryan just waved, and soon they disappeared, and Heather could only watch.

Well, it's almost night, they're going to announce the dead tributes, better watch the skies. Heather thought, as she watched the stars.

Then, she saw the capitol sign, but was relieved that none of the tributes were people she knew.

She then went to her cave, curling in the seeping bag, one hand near her dagger, just in case she needed to defend herself.

She jumped when she heard a cannon shot, she flew out of her small cave, not thinking when she whipped out her sword, pointing at the bushes.

She sighed, then looked up, and went into a stoney silence when she saw who had died.

It flashed the name, and she felt... Different, not sad.. But different, because it was James, who had died, but how?

She looked up at the sky, knowing that James's family was watching with sad eyes, maybe even crying about his death.

She then did something very stupid, and very dangerous, even though she wasn't with James, she put the three fingers of her left hand to her mouth, than put them up into the air.

She could almost feel the eyes on her.

She then put her hand down, and looked back when she heard a whistle.. But it was a bird whistle, not a whistle whistle.

Not that it mattered though, she went toward the whistles point of origin, the birds were flying away, scared.

She called "Bryan?! Seamus?!"

She jumped when she saw Bryan wrestling with another tribute, with Seamus bleeding lightly, watching with a mixture of shock and confusion, Bryan was starting to falter.

She pulled out her bow, and pulled out an arrow pulling it back, picking her moment just right.

She then let go, almost afraid she hit Bryan, but she didn't, she hit the other tribute in the side, and he cried out in pain, and scrambled off.

Bryan sighed, and sat down where he was, looking at Seamus, "Are you alright?"

"I've felt worse," Seamus joked, standing up, but finching a bit, "He just missed me, I guess he never had good aim anyways."

Heather asked, "Are you sure you're alright?"

Seamus nodded. "Yes, I've felt worse," he repeated, then looked around. "It would be better if we don't stay here." he indicated to where the tribute had left.

Bryan had stood up, and said in a confused voice, "But really, that guy came out of no where!"

Seamus shook his head. "He came from the trees," he looked at the trees around them, and narrowed his eyes, "I still think it's not safe here."

Heather tipped her head. "Should we go back to the cave?" she asked.

Bryan was about to say something, but got cut off by Seamus, who said quickly. "No, you can go back to the cave, if we spend too much time together, the game makers will find a way to have fun with that."

Heather knew exactly what he meant, the gamemakers would either seperate them, and near other tributes. And she nodded. "Alright, just be careful you two, I don't want to see either of your names in the sky."

Bryan laughed. "Don't worry, I doubt we can be taken by surprise now, after all that's happened."

As they were about to leave, she called them back, "Hey, wait!" she took a step toward them, and asked, "I do want to ask.... Where are you from?"

Bryan and Seamus looked at her, hesitating, and looked at eachother, then Bryan finally answered, "Ireland," he said, and added, "And I'm going to assume that you're from here."

Heather nodded, "Yeah, I'm from here." she said.

"Not a very nice place, no offense." Bryan said flatly, looking around in disdain.

"None taken, it's quite bad here." Heather shrugged.

Bryan smiled, and said, "We're off, remember to use that whistle when you're in trouble."

As they disappeared, Heather got a pain in her stomach, like something bad was going to happen, and usually, her feelings were right.

She took out the whistle, looking at it with sadness, and hoping with all her might that both of them would be safe.


As she rested, she heard a cannon, she jumped up and brought her bow out, looking at the sky frantically.

When she saw the name in the sky, she was surprised to see it was Maria, she felt sad, she had talked to her a few times.

She sighed, and sat down, looking at the whistle Seamus and Bryan gave her, it was a piece of metal, very sturdy.

As she put it back in her pocket, she heard a bird whistle a tune, she looked up, scarcely recognizing the tune, but it made her... unsure.

She called "Seamus?" but knew she wouldn't get an answer, she sighed, and growled in disdain.

She heard a noise, and relaxed when it was only Kylie, she looked alright, as she was smiling. "Did you find your two friends?" she asked.

Heather nodded. "Yeah."

"That's good," she said, then her face darkened, "Um, Adam is hurt, James is..." her lip quivered.

Heather sighed, "I know..." she looked at Kylie, "Were you there?" her eyes slowly widening.

Kylie nodded. "It was that girl, June! She poisoned him!" she yelled.

Heather hissed, "Quiet down! Was Todd with her?" she asked.

Kylie shook her head. "No, she was alone." she said quietly.

Heather looked throughly confused, "But.. Todd is part of her new group, she probably killed Maria." she said with confusion.

"I know what I saw, and it was only her, Todd must have been somewhere else, dealing with someone else for her." Kylie growled.

Heather got a bad feeling, and whispered, "Oh no..."

Chapter 3Edit

Heather had already ran away from Kylie, who had a worried look on her face.

She took out the whistle, she never used it yet, but she thought, Maybe I should now...

She blew into the whistle, and was surprised it was a birds call, or more specifically, a blue-jays call.

She smirked, "Smart, the other tributes would think it was just a bird." she said quietly to herself.

She waited for someone to answer, but there was none, none at all.

She then took her chances, and then called, "Bryan? Seamus?"

The forest was silent like stone, no movement was heard, and no cannons were fired, if the tributes kept this up, the gamekeepers would make something happen.

Heather huffed, looking around.

She then saw a bluejay, watching her closely, and it chirped, and flapped it's wings, landing in front of her. A normal bird wouldn't do that.

She couldn't help but smile when it chirped and flew away, and by instinct, she followed it.

But she stopped, looking around quickly when she heard a noise, and before she could say anything, a boy flew out of the bushes, stopping in front of her.

They both gasped, drawing their weapons at each-other, and eyeing each-other, wondering who would make the first move.

"Aren't you going to go?" he asked in a thick accent.

She snapped, "Go where?" she asked.

He asked, "Not where, when are you going to strike?" keeping his spear raised, and his eyes narrowed.

She hesitated, not sure what to say, she bit her lip, and lowered her weapon, and she sighed, "I-I don't want to hurt you."

He still kept his spear raised, and he asked, "Why not? Isn't it what these games are for?" he slightly lowered his spear.

She was about to answer, but he cut in, "Nevermind, this is the on'y time I'm doing this, next time we meet, neither of us should hesitate." and he ran off into the bush, leaving her alone.

She stood there for a while, but she jumped when she heard a blue-jays call, but it was too fast, it worried her, so she ran toward it.

But she tripped, and gasped when she landed on something that wasn't grass, especially when it made a grunt of pain.

"Eh?" she stood up, and realized it was Seamus, and he looked hurt.

She leaned towards him, and realised he was close to passing out. She asked, "What happened?"

He murmured, "June, I have no idea what she threw at me..."

Heather's eyes flashed, remembering what Kyrai said about poison.

"I need to get you out of here..." she murmured, but wasn't sure how, so she asked, "Where's Bryan?"

He didn't answer, but he shook his head weakly, which hopefully meant, 'I have no idea' she looked at him worriedly, knowing that the poison must be lethal, as it killed James.

She picked him up, and slung his arm over her shoulder, she realised he was shaking, which might have been because of the poison, or maybe it was not the poison that was lethal, it was the sickness that caused the death.

She whispered, "You'll be alright, I promise."

He didn't answer, but she didn't have long before he would fall unconcious. So she tried to hurry back to the willows.

She finally reached the cave, and both her and Seamus seemed to complain silently when going in.

She set him down, and he looked sick, he looked up with glazed eyes, and he asked weakly, "It's poison isn't it?"

She didn't say anything, but she just said, "I'm going to go outside for a bit, you should rest. I won't let you die like James did."

He just nodded, and she stepped out, glaring at the sky, and she yelled, "You amused now? Think it's funny to take away kids lifes like this? What if it was your daughter or son competing? Wouldn't be so nice would it?" she snapped.

She glared at the sky for a moment, and turned back when she heard abeeping sound, she grabbed the tin case, confused, and realized there was a note on it.

Nice attitude you got there, might want to try harder though.

She opened the case, and found medicine for the poison, and another note.

June used the elements of phenomia, very lethal when mixed right, you have two days.

She nodded, and went back down into the cave, and saw that Seamus had finally passed out. She took out the needle, almost flinching, she hated needles.

She did it, knowing that she did it right, since her mother was a doctor, and she realised that the needle was absolutely painless for a person who was barely holding on.

She sighed, and sat down, looking throgh her packs, she heard Seamus sigh, and she looked up to see him staring into space.

She asked softly, "How you feeling?"

Seamus seemed to think about it, and said, "Erg, I feel like I got run over by a truck.. Twice. Full of bricks." he joked.

Heather rolled her eyes, and asked, "Are any of your bones broken?"

Seamus nodded, "Eh... I'm not sure if it's my ribs or my arm, I can't tell... Maybe there is no broken anything, it might just be me." he said.

Heather reached out to him, and he asked, "Are you 'lright?"

She hesitated, and nodded, "I'm fine, when I heard you blow the whistle like that, I knew something must have happened."

They sat there in silence, and shhe realised Seamus was still tired, and she muttered, "You should get some more sleep."

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