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This page contains a/an Fan Fiction written by Crystalheart123.

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Chapter 1.Edit

One day, Bramblestar, Sandstorm, Dewpelt, Snowfoot and Seedstrike was patroling the borders. Bramblestar sniffed curiously at the borders. "Strange!" He muttered, flicking his tail. "Wonder what this smell is." Seedstrike cocked her head and sniffed. "Two-legs?" She wondered out loud. Snowfoot snorted. "Of course it isn't!" He meowed. "Whatever it is, we need to watch out." Bramblestar hissed. Sandstorm flexed herself. "I'm thinking about moving to the elder's den." She rasped into Bramblestar's ear. As Bramblestar replied back, the patrol didn't notice a small, two-legish figure with the sharpest features. "Cats." Holly whispered.

Chapter 2.Edit

"LALALALALALALA!" Graystripe was singing. "STOP GRAYSTRIPE!!!" Bramblestar yowled. "YOU'RE THE WORST SINGER IN THE FOREST!!!" Graystripe squinted at Bramblestar. He spat at him. "LALALALALA!" went Graystripe. Sandstorm's ears were clogged by moss. Seedstrike hid her head under her nest. Dustpelt hissed and started to sing "LALALALA" to block out Graystripe's singing. Bramblestar screeched, and all the cats became quiet. Well... except for Graystripe, who was singing "" very quietly.

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