The gods do not interfere, and nor do the fates

but do something against your nature

They will be called upon.

But remember

Everything has a price

Even love..


The white wall

The border of two warring countries

Will soon fall.

It was a dark and snowy night, the villages around the white wall were anything but at peace, Grealach, a heavily armed kingdom was attacking Yapry, the other warring kingdom, and added to that, the king and queen of The White wall were sick.

The villagers looked at the mountain of fates silently, wishing that the fates would at least help them, they didn't do anything, why did two warring kingdoms have to battle on their lands? Soon, the land won' be able to handle it.

One villager sighed, shaking her head silently, not sure what to do with the task she was given, the Queen had given her a child, told her to hide it, and soon hsut her out. She was worried that the queen was already lost.

She looked at the child, it's eyes wide open and curious, but where would she hide such a small thing? Certainly not at her house, since it was cramped already. No.. She had to find somewhere else, somewhere where the kingdoms wouldn't dare go.

Maybe that hut out in the forest... That's the best bet for the child... I'll leave her enough provisions, and when she's old enough to take care of herself, I can go back to the Queen, but for now, I'm going to have to visit regulary. the women thought, looking up at the mountain.

Why aren't you doing anything? We've always believed heavily in that you were a major part of our lifestyle... Yet you ignore us? she thought sadly, and sighed, walking into the forest.

She could hear the sound of cannon fire, but it was far off, which meant they only wanted to fight it out in the villages.

She finally found the hut deep in the woods, where another child was working, she looked up, her eyes as blue as the midnight sky, and she asked, "Huh? A child?"

She nodded, "Yes, Nixsi.. And what are you doing here? Your father in Yapry will be worried, you should get home." she scolded.

Nixsi shrugged, "It's okay, I don't think he'll noticed, I want to be somewhere safe, for now, I'm staying here, I can help you take care of the child, but I have to go to the mountains soon, I'm going to camp out there until this war is over." she said quietly.

The women asked, "Will you go back to the kingdom after?"

Nixsi tipped her head, and said, "I don't know... It all depends, I'll go where my heart takes me, fates willing... maybe I will go home someday, if it's not ruins before then." and she continued working at the plants. Not bothered by the chilling wind of war.

The women nodded, and stepped into the house, sighing at the candles, and she muttered, "You will be safe here little one."

The child looked up at her, and she put it down on a bed, and shook her head, and walked out.

The child just stared after her, too young to understand about the Great war, and didn't know that her life was about to take an ugly turn.

And even though she didn't know, she believed that someone would come back for her.

So she just sat there, and waited.

For 10 years, she sat, and waited, hoping the women would return for her.

She never did.

Chapter 1Edit

Be alert

Be ready

But don't be afraid.

The girl jumped through the forest, bow at hand, her eyes narrowed in concencration. She stopped when she heard an animal in the bushes, looking for a meal, she smiled sweetly, Too bad it's going to be their last! and she stiffened, listening closely.

She readied an arrow, smiling as she waited for the chance to ready her bow.

She perked up when a rabbit bounced out of the bushes, it's little nose twiching curiously, looking for food, it must not have smelled her, because it was too busy looking around for food.

She readied her arrow onto her bow, eyes narrowed slowly, and she was about to let go, but she felt that she was being watched., she looked past the rabbit, she had to hold a gasp, because what she saw, was what most of the people that were part of this land feared.

It was a big black wolf, it's stormy grey eyes narrowed at the rabbit curiously, but in an almost waiting fashion, the same way she must have been looking at it.

She snapped, "Hey!"

The wolf looked up, and she stopped her angered pose, something about the wolf.. Calmed her scared nerves, she kept her bow at the ready though, just in case the wolf did anything funny.

But the wolf didn't do anything, it just watched her and the rabbit curiously.

She didn't feel right, killing a rabbit while a wolf watched, it probably was going to take it as soon as it was killed, or attack her.

But she let the arrow fly anyways, and was surprised when the wolf still didn't move from it's spot, so she walked up to the rabbit, picked it up carefully, watching the wolf with narrowed eyes.

The wolf finally moved, it finally left the shadows, and she was taken aback on how big it was, it was almost the size of the bear, but not, it was certainly bigger then a dire wolf.

She backed away a bit, but the wolf didn't look that interested in attacking her, she backed away some more, allowing the wolf some space.

The wolf just tipped it's head, staring at the rabbit.

She realized this, and she grumbled, "But.. it's my kill, you're a wolf! You're part of a pack, go hunt bigger game!"

The wolf didn't move, and she growled, "I'm not giving it up, I need to eat too!"

The wolf kept it's pose, it's eyes narrowed, and she swore that there was something human in it's depth. Something more then wolf.

She stood up straight, and asked, "You are a wolf... Are you?"

It didn't answer, she rolled her eyes, Of course not.. Wolves can't talk! she thought, and shook her head, and warned the wolf anyways, "People don't take kindly to wolves around here, I'd run away if I were you."

She turned around, and froze when she heard a voice in her mind, Good thing then, I don't like running away anyways...

She whipped around, and the wolf had taken two steps forward, and it's eyes held amusement.

"Y-You talk?!" she exclaimed, clutching her bow to her side carefully.

The wolf tipped his head, Oh no, not in this form I don't, it's called telepathy, I'm talking to you through your mind. he shrugged.

"Bu-But you're saying you have other forms? What? How can you, wolves don't have other forms, they're just wolves, but I'm not sure about the telpathy part." she murmured.

The wolf sighed, It's because I'm not a wolf, well, I am, but only in this form am I a wolf.

"Well then? What are you?" She growled, backing up in caution.

The wolf tipped it's head, I'm what you think of me, your unconcious mind at least, your soul will percieve me for what I really am.

"Is that why you're a wolf?" she asked, thinking hard.

He shook his head, No, I control my forms, it's just when I'm human is when it's different for different people, depending on what they percieve.

"Then.. Turn to human." she muttered, disbelieving.

He tipped his head, Okay.

She gasped when a white light enveloped the wolf, she was blinded for a second, and when she blinked, it was no longer a wolf standing there, but a boy about her age, his silver hair almost matching the snow that fell, and stormy grey eyes.

She just stared, and he said, "You did tell me to turn into a human."

She just stared, and said, "I didn't know wolves could turn into human."

"They can't." he muttered.

"Oh." she muttered, looking embarresed.

He just shrugged, "It's okay, that's always the initial reaction, and usually, people would usually faint in fright if they saw me, but I guess you're different." he muttered.

Holly tipped her head, "Why would they be afraid of you? You don't look so dangerous," she said, then jumped, "I'm Holly by the way!

The boy looked down, he finally looked back up again, then she froze, starting to think.

"You'd be surprised." he uttered cautiously.

She finally growled, "Prove it, I've seen alot of dangerous animals, and you're not one of them, you only looked dangerous in wolf form."

He smiled sweetly, "That's because none of them are as dangerous when it comes to me." he said.

She gasped when his cloak started to turn from white to black, a scythe appeared from his hand, and he put his cloak hood up, and his hands turned skeltal, her eyes widened when his face completly disappeared, and was only replaced with darkness, and red eyes filled with hatred.

"Does this look familiar to you?" he asked.

Holly said nothing, and she finally understood, "You-You aren't the Grim Reaper, I know that, that's a childs tale, but I know one thing that is always percieved as so..."

He muttered, "Then why don't you say it, what are you afraid of?" he asked.

She was about to say something, but wasn't sure, Am I afraid of him? she thought.

"You're... The Fate of Death..." she muttered, trying not to sound scared.

He nodded, "Yes." he muttered.

"Does that mean I'm going to die?" she asked suddenly, after a minutes silence.

He looked confused, "What?" he asked, curious on why she would ask such a question.

"It's said that if you see the Fate of Death, you're going to die very soon, does this mean I'm going to die?" she asked.

She realised that his cloak started to turn to white again, and he took his hood down, and he looked shocked, the scythe had disappeared, and his hands were no longer skelatel, but she was confused on why he was so shocked.

"Er? Did I say something funny?" Holly asked nervously.

He looked like he was thinking, and he shook his head, "No... I cannot see your death." he muttered in a confused way.

Holly tipped her head, "Does that mean I'm going to die? Or not?" she asked quickly.

He looked up, "As I said... Even in this form, I cannot see your death... Even in the form of the feared Grim Reaper, I still cannot see it, it's like you aren't going to die at all." he muttered.

Holly exclaimed, "But everyone dies!"

He looked up, just as confused as she was, "I know..." he muttered.

They just stared at each-other for a couple minutes, when he just looked up, looking concerned.

"Is there something wrong?" Holly asked.

He tipped his head, "I'm not sure, I don't know whether it's good or bad that I cannot see your death..." he sighed. Shaking his head

Holly asked, "What's your name?"

He looked up, "Flynn..." he muttered, looking lost.

She was about to say something, when she heard cannon fire, she gasped, pushing Flynn into the darkness, and joining him, they sat there, Flynn confused, and Holly worried.

"What's going on?" he whispered.

"A war." she muttered.

Another cannon shot sounded, closer then before. She saw Flynn stiffen, and his eyes widen, and she muttered, "What's wrong?"

"Now.. That was a lot of deaths in a couple seconds..." he muttered, looking tired, and stood up.

Holly pulled him back down, but she started to smell smoke, and she grumbled, "Great, do this anymore and they're going to destroy the forests.

She finally realised that along with the burning wood, it smelled like burning straw, and she murmured, "Oh no!" she stood up, running out of the darkness.

She didn't even check to see if Flynn was following her, she stopped in the clearing where her house was, and was horrified to see her only home was up in flames.

She wracked her brain, and realised that her necklace she had since she was a baby was still in the burning building.

She finally ran in, not hearing her name called, as she ran into the burning building.


She looked through the flames, trying to conserve her oxygen, she finally entered her bedroom which was up in flames, she dodged the flames, and finally grabbed the necklace she treasured so much, and leapt through the burning door way, and toward the front door

She gasped when the wooden plank fell in front of it, she froze, thinking quickly, but realized she was stuck.

She gasped when the building started to collapse. She closed her eyes quickly, but was surprised when nothing came.

She opened her eyes, and saw a huge black wolf standing over her, holding up the building, even though it seemed to be draining him of his power, but he kept his stance.

Holly stood up, staring at the wolf, she turned around to see the plank was also raised, and the door opened, and she heard the wolf, I won't be able to hold this for long..

She nodded, running out of the door, and jumping onto the grass, and cleared the building.

She saw the wolf jump out, and run toward her, and look around to watch the building slowly burn to the ground, and finally crumble in on itself.

She just sat down in shock, "Great..." she murmured in shock.

The wolf turned back into a human, and he look exhausted, "I haven't used that kind of power for a long time..." he murmured, also sitting down.

Holly looked at him, "Why'd you do that? You could have gotten killed!" she snapped.

Flynn just looked at her, "I didn't think it was your time to die..." he murmured sadly.

More cannon shots fired, and Holly asked, "That's my question, you can't see my death, yet you are the fate of it, it doesn't make sense..."

Flynn looked up, "I have-" but he was interrupted

There was another cannon fire, and he jumped up, staring around in concentration, the scythe returning to his hand.

Holly jumped up also, "What's wrong?" she asked.

He didn't answer, but he finally relaxed, "Deaths, the spirits are getting angry..." he murmured.

"Spirits?" Holly asked.

He nodded, "People are dying in this war, too many to count... If this goes on..." he faltered, and shook his head, "Listen, we have to get out of here," he added, and asked, "Do you know where we could go?"

Holly tipped her head, and jumped when there was another cannon shot, and she said, "The path of echoes, there's caves there, I know someone there that would help us!"

Flynn muttered, "Okay, do you know where it is?' he asked.

Holly nodded, and indicated for him to follow her, and she turned away from her home, fighting back the tears, and was determined not to show weakness.

Flynn must have sensed her sadness somehow, and said, "It's okay to feel sad you know..."

Holly whipped around, and asked, "Hey! Who said I was sad?"

Flynn didn't flinch away, and said, "Your mind, it's quite obvious, I don't even have to search through your mind to find out what you're feeling, which I don't like to do much, people like the privacy."

Holly just rolled her eyes, "I'm not sad, I'm prefectly fine!" she lied, and continued to walk.

She jumped when Flynn suddenly appeared in front of her, "You're lying, it's so obvious..." he murmured.

Holly just sighed, looking down at the ground, "That was my home.. But I wasn't born there, I don't have a family... They abandoned me at a young age I guess..." she murmured.

Flynn tipped his head, "Abandon you? Why would they abandon you?" he asked.

"How should I know! I can't search through my mind!" she snapped, and sighed, "Sorry, I wish I had a proper home instead of a shack."

Flynn just looked at her sadly, "Sorry to hear that... I wouldn't know what that would feel like, I don't have parents, I have siblings." he murmured.

Holly tipped her head, and asked, "Are you the youngest or something?"

Flynn nodded, "Yeah, I'm the second youngest... My little sister is the youngest." he murmured.

Holly just stared at him, surprised on how he could stay so calm talking about situations like these, and she asked, "Do you know... Why I was abandoned?"

Flynn looked up at her, he was silent for a couple minutes, then said, "I don't know, I can't see anything, it's like your mind is blocking me or something..."

Holly looked confused, and laughed, "I'm pretty much inviting you to search through my mind, I can't be the one blocking you."

Flynn looked thoughtful, "No... I guess not." he murmured.

Holly just looked at him, confused, she thought the fate of Death would be a bit meaner, but he was just as human as the warring kingdoms, if not having more compassion then said two kingdoms.

Flynn looked at her, "Is something wrong?" he asked.

Holly just shook her head. "No... I was just thinking." she said, shrugging.

Flynn looked a bit disbeliving, but Holly knew that he couldn't search through her mind, because something was blocking him.

He waited until Holly continued to walk, she decided that the closest land-mark was Lake Iris, a usually frozen over lake.

They continued to walk, and she felt a chill descend over her, she looked over at Flynn, but he didn't look like he felt the same thing.

"Don't you feel weird?" she asked, stopping.

Flynn looked up at her, "What do you mean?" he asked.

She didn't answer, but she felt suddenly like something was holding onto her soul, and was controlling her, but she was confused on what was going on. And she tipped her head, Eh? Why do I feel so cold all of a sudden? she thought.

She looked at Flynn, but the way he reacted surprised her, like she had suddenly changed in front of her eyes.

He walked up towards her, and clutched her arm softly, and he murmured, "She cannot help you, she doesn't know where you want to go..."

Holly was confused, but the chill went away, and she asked, "Eh? What was that?"

Flynn had let go, and murmured, "Hmm, interesting, I cannot enter your mind, but spirits can..." and walked forward.

Holly looked at her hands, confused on what just happened, and followed Flynn. And she asked, "So, if you were to enter my mind, you could control it?"

Flynn tipped his head, "Yes, but I don't, living things should still have the option of freedom of thought, and not have things controlling it." he said.

"So, I was possesed?" Holly asked, horrified.

Flynn must have sensed her fear, "Oh, it's okay, it was nothing to be afraid of...It was just a mild spirit, you're lucky.. the spirits around here are usually vicious." he muttered.

Holly sighed, and took the lead, walking beside Lake Iris, which was surprisingly full of water, and not frozen over.

Holly stared at the beautiful lake, surprised that for once, it was not frozen over.

Holly realised that she was being watched, she looked across the small lake, and saw a pitch black spirit, watching with red eyes.

She backed up quickly, right into Flynn, who seemed confused.

Flynn looked at the spirit also, and sighed, "Now that's a war spirit, vicious they are, they attack with swords, and trust me. Those things hurt..." he smiled.

Holly gasped when the spirit just walked over the water, heading toward them, angered filled it's eyes.

Holly hid behind Flynn, a bit afraid.

Flynn just tipped his head, "Well, a war is going on, and I don't have time to gather the spirits... So I guess we'll have to send this one the hard way." he muttered.

Holly asked, "The hard way?"

Flynn looked at her, "When a spirit is no longer able to go freely to the spirit world, and are too angry with their deaths, I have to send them by force." he muttered.

Holly seemed worried, "It won't hurt them?" she asked.

"I'd be more worried about them hurting you." he said with a smile as the ghost got nearer.

Holly didn't know what he meant, but she asked, "What about you?"

Flynn hesitated, and shrugged, "I don't usually get hurt when sending these type of spirits, it's the really strong ones that resist when I have to worry." he said with a flat tone.

Holly couldn't help but smile, the spirit was slowly nearing them, it's eyes flashed red, and suddenly, it rushed to where they were, causing Holly to fall.

"Ack!" She gasped.

Flynn didn't seem affected, the scythe appeared in a breath of black smoke, and he blocked the spirits attack.

The spirit didn't seem bothered, because he rushed around Flynn, Holly knew that if Flynn didn't turn around, he would get attacked in a vunerable spot, but she gasped when Flynn jumped away, and turned to face him.

The spirit seemed confused, but that moments hesitation, Flynn slashed the spirit with the scythe, and the spirit's eyes widened, and it disappeared in a breath of wind.

Holly was still sitting, gasping on what just happened, Flynn was still holding his scythe, but when he saw the look on Holly's face the scythe disappeared, and he turned away from her, which confused Holly.

"Is something wrong?" she asked, standing up.

Flynn shook his head, and turned back, "No, not at all!" he said in a too cheery way.

Holly couldn't help but laugh silently, He's as bad as a liar as I am... she thought.

Flynn asked, "Shall we continue, my brother likes to water twister lakes in this area, he thinks he's funny." he rolled his eyes.

Holly giggled, "I wouldn't mind meeting your brother, he sounds like he'd be the funny one."

Flynn sighed, "I guess when you put it that way... He usually comes to this lake around this time to cause some sort of trouble..." he said.

"What fate is he?" Holly asked, but realized that was a stupid question, and started to stammer.

Flynn answered though, "Collin, the fate of Tradegy, change... You name it." he smiled sweetly.

"Wait? Change?" Holly asked.

Flynn looked at her, "Apart from being the fate of Death, I'm also the fate of dreams and one of the fates of time." he answered, smiling.

Holly understood, and nodded, and she realized the sky had suddenly darkened. And Flynn smiled, "Speaking of.."

Holly jumped back when there was a large band, and a flash of white light. She blinked, and she saw a boy a bit older then both of them wave, "Hey! I didn't know you'd be here! What are you doing?" he asked.

Holly took a closer look at him, and realised that he looked much more menacing then his brother, with stormy grey hair, and dark grey storm clouds in his eyes.

"Huh, who's this?" Collin loooked down at Holly, confused, "A mortal?" he asked.

Flynn grumbled, "Obviously."

Collin looked at his brother, and poked him, "What's wrong with you? You've been acting funny lately... What's wrong?" he asked.

Flynn looked at his brother, and Holly watched them have a silent conversation, and she saw Collin's eyes go wide, but he didn't say anything.

Flynn only nodded, and Collin said, "That's really weird." he looked thoughtful, but that stayed for only a second, and he sighed in a cheerful way, "I'm sure it will wear off though."

Flynn rolled his eyes, and Collin made a face, which confused Holly, because it looked like they were talking, but she couldn't hear them.

Holly said in a loud voice, "I guess I'll just sit here while you two talk!" she rolled her eyes.

Flynn looked at her, and said, "Sorry... We were talking about-" but gasped when Collin held his mouth, his eyes flashing in anger, and he shook his head.

Collin let go, and Flynn looked at him angrily.

Collin laughed as if nothing happened, "Well, it was nothing, really!"

Holly loooked at him disbelievingly, and Collin stared at her, and she blinked, looking away.

Collin asked Flynn, "Where are you two going anyways?" he looked at his brother curiously.

Flynn eyed him dangerously, "Why do you want to know, Collin? Shouldn't you be in Hostrich, causing trouble there?" he asked.

Collin sighed, "It's fine, the..." he looked at Holly, and once again, Flynn and Collin conversed silently.

Holly face-palmed, finally standing up.

Flynn finally said, "Fine, if you really believe it won't cause trouble." he rolled his eyes, pushing past his brother. And staring into the darkness.

Both Collin and Holly stared at him, and Collin asked, "What's eating you?

Flynn just looked at his brother dangerously, and Holly said, "I'm sure he doesn't want to say." jumping in front of the two brothers, because she sensed that it was about to get heated.

Flynn just turned back, and said, "It's nothing, we better keep going." he turned to face them.

Holly laughed, "Heh! Okay, it's a couple days to the caves, but I'm sure the person there will help us." she turned away from the two fates, and looked down at the ground, sad.

She then started to walk, but turned around, and was almost scared to death to see two large wolves following her, eyes flickering in curiousity.

"Can you please pick a form and stick with it?" she snapped.

The stormy grey wolf's eyes flickered in amusement, and he shook his head, It's fun to change and scare people.

Holly made a face, "Well, not to them, it's quite terrifying." but she couldn't help but laugh also. She rolled her eyes, and continued to walk.

But what she didn't know, is that no matter how much she tried to hide her feelings, someday she was going to snap.

Chapter 2Edit

This land would be cursed

Because of something

More powerful then the land itself

Holly was getting tired of walking, she turned around, hoping that the two fates she was leading to the caves were still behind her, and they were.

Collin tipped his head, Something wrong?

Holly shook her head, "No, I'm just getting tired from walking." she said.

Collin perked up, Oh! I know just the thing that will wake you up! his eyes flashed in mischief, and he flicked his tail.

Flynn rolled his eyes, I don't think she wants to get a cold for your entertainment. he bared his teeth in a warning way.

Collin looked at his brother, Hmph, if she gets a cold, it's not like it's going to kill her. he bared his teeth also.

Flynn put his ears back, You'd be surprised. he snapped back.

Collin rolled his eyes, and they had a silent staredown, and Holly broke in, "Why don't we have something to eat? Maybe I'll get more energy." she laughed, trying to stop the fighting.

Collin and Flynn looked at her, and she said, "It's just an idea of course."

She turned around to get her bag, which she brought with her, and looked in it, "I'm sure I've got something in here the last time Nixsi left.. Which was a day ago..." she muttered, and finally got what she was looking for, "Ah, chocolate!"

She turned around to see Flynn and Colin as humans, and they were looking at her confused, and Collin asked, "Erm... Chocolate?"

Holly looked at him confused, "Yeah, chocolate, it's good." she said.

Flynn and Collin still looked confused, and Holly gasped, "Don't tell me you never had chocolate," she laughed, "Chocolate is the best, especially when it comes from Grealach, they have the best chocolate."

Collin took a piece from Holly, and stared at it as if wondering it was going to kill him.

But Flynn had already eaten the piece he was given, and said, "Hm, okay..."

Collin finally ate his after hesitating, and his eyes widened, "Woah! This is great! Mortals can make good stuff like this?!" he asked.

Holly wasn't sure how to take it, so she shrugged, and asked, "What do you guys usually eat?"

Collin looked at Flynn, who shrugged, and Holly asked, "You do eat don't you?"

Collin tipped his head, "Of course?" he smiled.

Holly just narrowed her eyes, and continued walking again, and she looked up, the mountains were still a bit away. She realised that there were no longer foot-steps behind her, because Collin and Flynn had stopped. She turned, "What is it now?" she asked.

Collin was looking nervous, while Flynn looked concerned.

Collin said quietly, "This is where those spirits hang around..." he edged forward.

Holly asked, "What spirits?"

Flynn answered quickly, "Erm, blood spirits, they hang around where there's been much blood-shed, hence why they're called blood spirits, and..." he faltered.

"And what?" Holly asked.

Collin piped in, "If they manage to get through you, you will experience a lot of pain, and for a couple seconds it will look like you're bleeding, and trust me, it hurts..."

Holly looked at Flynn, who was looking around, and she asked, "Are they near?"

Flynn nodded, "They always attack, people will experience the pain they felt before their death if they rush you through." he said quietly.

Holly shivered, and she realised it was almost sun-down, and Collin asked, "Well, we're kind of stuck here, so what do we do?"

Flynn didn't answer, but just as he looked like he was about to, red spirits started to come out of the darkness, and Holly asked, "Would that be the blood spirits you were talking about."

Collin laughed in a nervous way, "Unfortunately.. Yes." he smiled, but Holly could tell that was because he was nervous.

Holly gasped when the red spirits rushed at them, she dodged some, while Collin suddenly made sai swords appear from thin air, and started blocking the angered red spirits.

Holly dodged another one, and snapped, "What's their problem?"

Collin called back, clearly enjoying the fun he was having, "They have none!" he laughed, and dodged a red spirit that tried to flank him.

Holly glanced at Collin, "Yeah well, I do, I have no means of defending myself." she dodged another red spirit, which disappeared when it smashed into the ground.

She looked down where it smashed, and was surprised when the area turned red. She went to take a closer look, but she heard a yell, "Don't touch it!"

She looked up to see Flynn push her away, glaring at her, "Trust me, don't touch it." he growled.

Holly nodded, and realised that their numbers were thinning, but that just made them even angrier, and determined to rush the group through.

She gasped when there was a red spirit heading straight toward her, and she had no time to dodge.

She gasped when Flynn jumped in front of her, and Holly saw the red spirit go through him, and disappear as soon as it was fully through..

"Mmph.." he muttered, almost keeling over in pain. But kept his balance.

Holly rushed toward him, asking, "Why would you do that?" she snapped in a worried way.

Flynn looked like he was in a lot of pain, and he answered in a rasp, "I don't think mortals would be able to handle a blood spirit rushing through them, especially not a powerful one like that."

His eyes flashed, and he growled, "So let's even the odds."

He brought out his scythe from black smoke, and he hit the ground with it, and Holly gasped when she felt the area around them start to shake, the red spirits turned into a menacing black, but she realised that this is where they start rushing them, all at once.

Flynn smiled, and sighed, "Now, after all this trouble..." Holly realised his eyes looked black, but it didn't scare her.

The black spirits froze in mid-air, Flynn's eyes were a pitch black, and they disappeared in a breath of wind.

His eyes turned back to their calming stormy grey, and he sighed, "Now that was a lot more difficult then it should of been. This is not good." he looked at Collin, who seemed to get what he was saying, and he nodded in agreement.

Holly asked, "Why? What's happening?"

Flynn looked at her. "This war is giving the blood spirits more power then they could handle, which is making them harder to get rid off." he said.

Holly thought, and asked, "Are you sure you're alright?"

Flynn nodded, "As Collin said, it only lasts a couple seconds." he said, smiling sweetly. Collin nodded, and he looked up at the sky, and Holly realised it started to rain.

Holly looked at him. "Is that needed?" she asked.

He nodded, "I have too, might as well since I'm here now, spirits that can possess people are attracted to blood spirits." he said.

Holly nodded, but she felt a chill come over her, but that might have been the rain. She looked up, the sky was filled with dark grey clouds.

She realised that the edge of her vision was starting to blur and blacken. She was confused, and she looked down at the ground, which seemed to be rippling.

Well, that's weird... she thought, and she blacked out.

She was suspended in a black space, and she realised there was a cracking sound, and she realized that her dream was starting to break to let something in.

It finally shattered in her face, and she woke up in a misty clearing.

She sat up, holding her head, "Oh... What happen'?" she grumbled.

"Hm, they were faster then I thought." she heard a familiar voice. She looked up to see Flynn sitting across from her, but he looked hurt.

Holly seemed confused, "Are you alright?"

Flynn laughed, "I figured out what was blocking your mind, it was a spell, an old one, no wonder...." he muttered in a weak voice.

"What did you do?" she asked.

"Nothing that hurt you." he smiled.

Holly looked at her hands, and realized that she was perfectly fine, it was obvious he wasn't. And he muttered, "That was a smart move your mother did, to protect you from spirits, but it was too powerful to block lower level spirits, but it was powerful enough to block me..."

Holly edged near him, and realised he was bleeding from where the blood spirit rushed him, and it wasn't going away.

Flynn didn't seem to care, "Well, I broke the spell a little bit, but not enough, but you shouldn't be possesed anymore, I added a little spell of my own, to strengthen the actual purpose of the last spell," he looked down, "But I don't get why she put it there...." he murmured.

She asked, "Where are we?"

Flynn looked around, and said, "I think the lower spirit world."

Holly asked, "Are you alright?"

Flynn smiled, "I'll live, this is nothing..." he murmured, standing up.

Holly followed after him, and asked, "Do you know where you are going?"

Flynn nodded, "Yes, we need to get to the centre, that is where we can get out." he said, turning to Holly.

Holly didn't say anything, but continued to follow him closely looking down at the ground. She then thought of something, and asked, "I heard of a legend, about the end of the world.... Do you know anything about that legend?"

Flynn froze, and Holly swore he tensed up, he shook his head, "No, I know no legends about the end of the world, because the world can't truly end." he said quietly.

Holly asked, "How about the life of the souls on this world?"

Flynn didn't answer that time, he looked like he was thinking, and he finally sighed, "Souls can only die by one thing, either me trapping them within their own dreams, or if there's too many rebelling spirits, there is a chance for the Day of Darkness." he said in an almost strained voice.

"Day of Darkness? What is that?" she asked.

He didn't answer, he only growled, "We better keep going.."

Holly was about to ask again, but thought better of it. They continued to walk, and they stopped next to a long river.

She shivered, she had no idea how to swim, she was about to tell this to Flynn, but realized he was already across.

"Hey!" she snapped.

He looked back, and asked, "What's wrong?"

Holly looked down at the river, and called, "I can't swim!"

Flynn seemed confused, and smiled, "Who said you had to swim?" he asked.

Holly seemed confused, and headed towards the river, she closed her eyes, but surprised when she didn't feel wet.

She looked down, and realised that she was walking across the water, she continued, and finally reached the other side.

Flynn nodded, and continued to walk, and she finally piped up, "You still haven't answered my question from earlier."

Flynn ignored her, and she ran to stand in front of him, arms crossed, "What's so bad? It's just a day of darkness, a day, it can't be that bad." she snapped.

Flynn just glared at her, and disappeared into the shadows to only be in front again, and continued walking.

Holly snapped, "Come on? What have you got to hide?" and ran to catch up with him.

He said, "There's nothing to hide, look around." he was frowning, and continued to walk.

Holly steped in front of him again, he stopped, and she asked in a cautious voice, "Just tell me, don't you trust me?"

Flynn said, "It's not that." and continued to walk, lightly pushing Holly aside.

Holly then called, "Then what is it?" she asked.

Flynn stopped, and looked down, "It's nothing, nothing that will happen anyways, it shouldn't even be spoken off..." he murmured.

Holly grabbed the back of his cloak, and almost begged, "Just tell me!" she murmured in a soft voice.

Flynn didn't move a muscle, and didn't say anything, but he finally sighed, "There is nothing to tell, it's not important, and nothing you should worry about." and continued to walk.

"If it's not important then why are you being so secretive about it, what are you afraid of?" she asked, not letting go.

Flynn growled, "I'm afraid it's not as easy as that."

Holly seemed confused, and finally let go, and allowed him to continue walking, and kept a bit behind him. She looked around, feeling that she was being watched, and she asked, "Are their spirits here?"

He nodded, but didn't say anything.

She heard a voice, and looked back, something inside her willed her to follow the voice, she blocked out everything else.

But she was stopped, she looked back to see Flynn, and he was shaking his head, an he led her away from the voice.

They continued walking, and soon they were in a misty clearing, and Flynn looked at her. And she asked, "Yes?"

"You're the only one that can get us through the spell." he muttered.

She asked, "How?"

He was about to answer, but the mist started turning into a pitch black, she gasped when Flynn disappeared into the darkness, but he seemed only confused.

Then her whole dream went black


She blinked, looking around in the darkness, she asked, "What's going on?" But she got no answer, and she called, "Flynn?!"

Still no answer.

She started seeing blurred images form out of the mist, what she saw was a land, draped in darkness and red, the sun, pitch black like the mist, and the moon red as blood, the sky's clouds reflecting the moon, causing them ot have a blood red glow. She just watched as the land tore itself apart, not caring about the people living on it's surface.

She realised that a bigger shape was forming out of the mist, a cloaked figure was rising out of the mist, it had skelatel hands, it's face hidden by a black void. And it's scythe reflecting the red light.

She was confused on what she was seeing, but another shape flew threw the mist, shattering the image, and she realised it was Flynn, and he asked, "Are you alright?" crouching toward her.

She shook her head in confusion, and nodded, "I'm fine..." but she was more distracted by the image as it rebuilt itself, the familiar shape raising the scythe as if to slash through the land.

She gasped, "Flynn, what's that?" she pointed.

Flynn looked around, and she felt him stiffen, and she asked, "What's going on?"

He stood up, and growled, "We need to get out of here..."

Holly stood up too, and watched the scene with keen interest, but she realised her vision was starting to blur again, and she felt herself being pulled out of her dream by force.

She heard something snap into two, and the image disappeared, and so did her vision.

And she was sent into a neverending blackness.

Chapter 3Edit

You cannot judge

What you cannot understand

But you can see

What others fear

She woke up suddenly to see Collin standing over her, and he tipped his head, "You all right?" he asked, poking her.

She sat up, and she realised Flynn was sitting by a tree, looking down at the ground with flat eyes, she seeemed confused, and looked at Collin, "I'm fine." she answered.

Flynn looked up with flat eyes, "Well, if you're alright, we should keep going." and stood up, walking past them, looking like he lost his best-friend.

Holly hung back, and asked Collin, "Do you know what the Day of Darkness is?"

Collin didn't seem to be unnerved by the question like Flynn was, he shrugged, "Well, it says Day of Darkness, but really, it can last as long as 100 years." he said.

"What causes it?" Holly asked.

Collin didn't answer, but after a minute of choosing his words carefully, "It's you mortals that cause it, but if there's one thing that can control it..." he faltered, then turned to look Holly, "Well, nothing can really control it..." he muttered.

You too Collin? What's so bad about it? Holly thought in curiousity.

Collin just laughed, "Well we better to keep going, we don't want to get stuck again." and he walked ahead. Leaving Flynn and Holly in the back.

Flynn made a face, and went to catch up with him, leaving Holly in the back to catch up.

What's gotten into them? Holly thought, concerned how the two were acting because of her question. Like it unnerved them in some way.

She just shrugged, and continued following them, not sure where they were going, but she decided to trust them. She sighed, rolling her eyes.

Flynn stopped, and Collin followed suit, staring at his brother curiously, and asked, "What is it?"

Holly bumped into Flynn because she wasn't paying attention, but she didn't seem to push him.

Collin seemed to get unnerved when Flynn said nothing, and asked, "What's wrong?"

Holly was about to say something, when she heard a cannon fire she whipped around, but almost fell on her side, but caught her balance, and stared ahead.

Flynn was looking at the sky though with a confused look on his face, Holly gasped when there was another huge bang. And that time, she had lost her balance, and just stared upwards.

Collin exclaimed, "What the heck?!" and he looked around.

Holly stood up again, "It's the war! They're going to tear this land apart!" she gasped, holding her ears as the cannon shots got louder.

Collin smirked, "Tear it apart huh? Well how about we fix that?" he asked, a sword appeared out of no where in his hands, and he smiled at Flynn, who was still concentrating on the sky.

"The White Wall will fall someday, but we better make sure that doesn't happen yet!" Collin laughed, and smashed his sword into the ground.

Holly gasped when the ground started to shake, and there were flashes of white light, lightning went from cloud to ground, cloud to sky, and cloud to cloud.

Collin pulled his sword out of the ground, and Holly blinked when there was another blinding flash of white light.

She gasped when she was pushed over by wind. She opened her eyes to see Collin was gone, and the storm was getting more longer and vicious.

Flynn snapped out of his thought, and yelled at the storm, "Are you crazy?!" and he was starting to disappear.

"Ack! Don't leave me here!" she jumped at Flynn grabbing his cloak before he got the chance to disappear, and they both ended up falling.

Flynn just shook her off, and said, "I'll be back, I promise." he looked at her, and finally disappeared, she reached her hands out to grab his cloak again, but it was too late.

He was already gone.

She wasn't sure wether to scream in frustration, or just sit there. But she just chose to sit there in shock, but she finally decided to move.

She stood up, and ran toward where she thought the headed too, but wasn't really sure.

She continued to run, calling. "Flynn? Collin?" but gave up, but didn't stop running. But she gasped when wolves padded out of the bushes.

Holly gasped, because there was a black mist rising from them, she shook her head, not sure what to do, but she couldn't back up, she was stuck in place.

The wolves headed towards her, she gulped, not sure what to do, but was surprised when a large shape flew over her.

She realised the wolf was pitch black, but it had no mist rising from it, and it looked seriously angry.

The wolves looked taken aback, and backed up a bit, eyes narrowed at the wolf. The leading wolf's eyes turned into a menacing red, and turned into the reflection of the wolf protecting her.

The wolf seemed unnerved, and attacked. The misty wolves that didn't take the reflection dispersed, but the one that did dodged, and seemed to be enjoying it.

But when it heitated, the wolf attacked again, making it disappear.

The wolf stood up straight, and glared at Holly, who fell over as if she was pushed. "Ack!" she gasped.

And what do you think you were doing? You could have gotten killed! the wolf scolded her, and when she recognized the voice, she stood up, and headed towards the giant wolf.

She wasn't sure what to say, so it continued, Nevermind I- but he didn't get a chance to continue when Holly hugged him, "And why did you leave me alone? I can't defend myself!" she growled.

He finally stiffened, and said in realization, Oh yeah, that's right, your bow can't harm spirits... and put his ears back in sadness.

She hugged tighter, "It's not your fault, I would have forgotten too..." she murmured in reassurance.

She stepped back, and blinked as the wolf transformed, she realized Flynn was shaken up, and she asked, "What happened?"

He shrugged, "Nothing much, I lost Collin, I should have known that he'd do that." he smiled in a nervous way.

She asked, "Is he alright?"

He nodded, "He's fine, he usually does this in Hostrich." he said, smiling.

Holly just stared at Flynn while he looked around, and thought, He saved me.. Again... I'm worried that someday he might lose his life saving me...

Holly finally piped up, "How are we going to get to Collin?"

Flynn was about to answer, but a lightning strike interrupted him, and Collin appeared. "Well! That was fun! I'm glad I do that constantly in Hostrich!" he laughed. But stopped when he saw Flynn's face.

"Ah! Okay! I shouldn't have jumped to that!" He jumped back, clearly afraid of his brother, and backed up quickly.

Flynn sighed, and turned away, Collin seemed confused, but Holly looked at him when he stiffened. Flynn must have sensed the change, because he turned around.

"What's wrong?" Holly asked.

Flynn must have known, and he glared, and snapped, "I thought you said it was under control!"

Collin flinched, and looked down while he shook, "I-It was..."

Flynn looked up at the sky, which was now turning into an ominous greenish black, and he murmured, "This isn't good..."

Holly turned to him, "What's not good?" she asked.

Flynn ignored her, and walked to Collin, and asked, "How much time?"

Collin hesitated, then answered, "I-I don't know..."

Flynn looked like he was in deep thought, and he said, "I think... We have a couple weeks... If we're lucky, we might have a month." he added, "How powerful, Collin, please tell me you know at least that." he asked.

Collin hesitated again, and finally said, "Same amount, but he's very angry..." he managed to stand up, but he looked dizzy, and he looked up at the sky, "From...." he faltered, and looked at Flynn, and said, "It's not safe here..."

Flynn seemed to get the point, and turned to Holly. She asked, "What?"

He ignored her, and looked at his brother questioningly, and he nodded.

Flynn had suddenly got a grim expression on his face, and he said to Holly, "I'm afraid we have to take a little detour."

Holly asked, "To where?"

Flynn looked at Collin, and turned back and said, "It doesn't matter."

Holly realised that Collin was staring up at the clouds, and muttered, "If I'm right... She won't be safe if we do take her..."

Holly jumped in, "You're not leaving me here again!" she snapped.

Flynn smiled, "I never said we were going too." he said.

She wasn't sure what to say, so Flynn sighed, and turned to Collin, "What choice do we have?" he asked.

Collin didn't say anything, so Holly took that as a 'we don't have a choice' she sighed, and said to Flynn, "Okay, you both can disappear, but I can't."

Flynn smiled at her, "That's right, we can disappear." he said.

Holly realized that they can disappear, it's just the fact that she can't, that means they're going to have to help her. But how?

Flynn seemed to be thinking, and looked at Collin, "Your way is faster." he said in a matter-of-factly tone.

Collin smirked,"Of course... But it might... Be a shock at first.. No pun intended." he laughed, and looked at Holly with a smile.

Holly just stayed where she was, Collin walked up to Holly, and turned to Flynn, and Flynn said, "I'll catch up."

Collin nodded, and looked at Holly, "What I want you to do is close your eyes." he said.

She thought better then ask why, so she did what she was told, she felt her whole body surge up-ward, as if she was being pulled up-wards by an unexplainable force.

When she opened her eyes, she was in a clearing, it's grass waving in the powerful wind, she saw Collin looking around, confused.

Holly asked, "What'd you do?"

Collin smiled, "Well... Let's just say we landed somewhere I wasn't planning on us landing," he laughed in a nervous way. "It's strange... It's like the destination shattered or something..."

Shattered? Holly thought, and asked in worry, "Will Flynn be alright?"

Collin turned to her, and shrugged, "I do not know, my siblings have their own ways to get to a destination quick.... But I've never had my way interrupted by a shatter." he said.

Holly asked, "What's a shatter...?"

Collin answered, "A shatter, or a better term for it, a block, is when spirits can't get to their destination, that's why Flynn is around, to help them get past the block in the mountain, or, if the spirits are alive, he can put or remove the shatter from their dreams to reality... But it's strange, the lands are usually not blocked for us... It takes Flynn or a super powerful spirit to create a block, if a spirit did this... Flynn might be in trouble." he murmured.

Holly just asked, "What do you think happened to Flynn?"

Collin answered, "My way is quicker, but it can cause.. shock the first time around, Flynn's way is slower, but even more dangerous.. If his route shattered... He's going to be having a very bad day, if he's lucky, worst he'll come out with is a head-ache."

Holly asked, "What's the worst?"

Collin hesitated this time, and he smiled nervously, "Let's just say... If worst is what happened... We need to find him, and fast." he said.

Holly just shivered, and Collin tried to reassure her, "I wouldn't worry though, Flynn's quite the fighter, if it did go that way, he has a chance without us."

Holly asked, "Aren't you worried?"

Collin didn't answer that time, but he said, "Well, if you're that worried, I guess we could try taking his way... But I'm not really good at it, I always needed him around to take that way," he looked at Holly, "But in this instance... We need to take the spirits path."

Holly tipped her head, and Collin smiled, "We can get to the spirits path by taking my way, but I'm warning you, Don't stray off the path without Flynn, you're soul will get lost forever." he said.

Holly nodded, and closed her eyes again, she felt herself surge upward again, and she opened her eyse to see herself standing on a path, only lightened by glowing mushrooms, the rest was dark, she saw spirits of people and animals alike, all talking, as if they weren't dead.

Collin muttered, "Follow me."

As she followed Collin, she started getting a sinking feeling in her stomach, she stuck close to Collin, wishing that Flynn was also with them.

Collin looked around, and sighed, "This way is slow, but this place can't be blocked, I think we should start where we all started." he turned to Holly, and she didn't have a chance to close her eyes, she gasped when her eyes flashed white, and was surprised when it ended so quickly, and it was where she saw the reflection wolves.

Collin was a wolf, and he was sniffing the air, he looked at Holly, How weird...

She asked, "What?"

Collin said, It's like... I don't know... He was never here...

Holly seemed confused, and Collin shook his head, The only lead I have is the sky. he looked up sadly. And he howled.

Holly gasped when the sky started to clear, and what she saw shocked her. The northern lights were shining brightly.

Collin said, That's what the spirit Path looks like to you mortals.

Collin seemed to follow the lights, and Holly followed him. When Collin stopped, she asked, "Is something wrong?"

Collin seemed deep in thought, and said, "No, at least... I don't think so." and continued walking, Holly followed him, unsure if he knew where he was going.

Holly gasped when she heard a screech, Collin jumpedalso, and they both jumped when a huge black wolf jumped out of the bushes, bleeding heavily, and turn sharply, a white light enveloped the wolf, and Flynn was standing, staring into the darkness.

Collin had transfomed too, and asked, "What was that?!"

Flynn didn't answer, but only pushed Holly away when a pitch black spirit crashed through the bushes, and Flynn had to block the strong attack.

Holly landed on the ground, and Flynn turned to her, and waved his hand, she soon felt herself feel sleepy, and soon her world went black.

She felt as if she was floating in a never-ending space, she heard cannon shots, people battle yelling, and talking, and one last voice.

Love is the highest price to pay.

She suddenly felt herself drop, like the feeling when you're in a dream, and you suddenly wake up as if you had fallen from a great height, but you didn't.

She opened her eyes, it was a bit foggy in her vision, and the sky was overcast, a stormy grey, she sat up, and grunted, "Wha' happen'?" she asked groggily.

Collin and Flynn were sitting in front of her. Flynn seemed slightly concerned, while Collin looked amused.

Holly suddenly realised what happened, and she asked Flynn, "What did you do to make me drop like that?"

Flynn laughed, and rubbed his head, "Erm, well, that was a dangerous spirit, but if you're asleep, it couldn't hurt you, I think I blocked your mind and soul a little too much, you looked like you were having a bad dream." he said, looking up.

Collin seemed more interested in a passing bird, and he said absentmindedly, "That spirit was nasty."

Flynn nodded, and Holly suddenly remembered, "Is that what could have caused the block?" she asked Collin, who turend to look at her.

Flynn cut in, "No, it was strong, but not that strong, only a really powerful spirit could have done that, because I know I didn't do it." he said, looking dazed, "I have no idea how, but at one point, I'm just walking, and soon, I find myself lying on the ground, half unconcious, no, this was a really powerful spirit." he said.

Holly realised he did look a little dizzy, and she asked softly, "Are you okay?"

Flynn nodded, "I'll live, head-ache, that's all." he said.

Collin said in a smug fashion, "What'd I say?" looking at Holly.

Holly rolled her eyes, and looked back at Flynn, who was looking down at the gound.

Holly asked, "So, what should we do next, it's obvious it's not safe to travel to where ever you're going..." she leaned closer, "Where were we going?"

Collin answered, "Just taking a detour to my home, Hostrich, something I have to do before we continue on." he stood up, and he looked at the clouds, "I hate walking." he muttered.

Flynn stood up also, Holly followed, she said, "Maybe we should have a rest first."

Flynn shook his head, "We don'thave much time for that right now, with both the war and..." he faltered, looking at Collin, who nodded.

Holly asked, "You know, you can tell me what you guys are thinking, I'm not going to scream, or die, or anything like that." she said jokingly.

But she stopped laughing when she saw Flynn's face, and she went quiet, and he sighed, "It's nothing, it's probably what's blocking the block, once Collin deals with it, we should be fine to continue on." he shrugged.

Holly nodded, and followed Collin, e seemed a bit more jumpy then usual, a couple times he jumped at the slightest noise, and when Holly stepped on a twig, at one point he stopped, and Flynn had to flick him in the head to get his attention.

Collin just glared at Flynn, who just shrugged, Holly ran up to stand beside Flynn, and she asked in a low whisper, "Wha'ts wrong? Why he's so jumpy?"

Flynn seemed to think about it, and he finally said, "Well, Hostrich is quite a dangerous place, the border between the White Wall and Hostrich is quite dangerous, but we're on the border right now..."

Holly nodded, because the tempature had risen a little bit, it was raining when they entered a clearing, some trees were leaning precariously on each-other, while Collin seemed to relax.

Collin turned to Holly, and she said, "Welcome to Hostrich, the place of storms, or better known to wolves and other spirits, The Forests of Hamark."

She could only watch, as trees swung precariously in the wind, thunder boomed in the distance, and to Collin, it was quite relaxing to stand in the pouring rain.

Even Holly had to admit, the soft patter of rain-fall, and the loud thunderous booms were quite relaxing in the situation they were in.

Especially since Holly had no idea what the situation was.

Chapter 4Edit

Some people won't tell you the truth....

Not because they don't trust you...

It's because they think you'll judge them...

Collin sighed, "Finally, off the border of the White Wall." he looked up to the sky, and said, "Good to be finally home."

Flynn just rolled his eyes, and said, "I prefer the mountain."

Collin made a face, "Well, that's you." he said, rolling his eyes, and looked around, staring up at the sky with a distant look.

Holly stood beside Flynn, "Do you like Hostrich?" she asked, looking at him.

Flynn shrugged, and said, "It's not bad, I don't-" but Holly jumped towards Flynn when they heard a smash, Flynn looked up, so did Holly, as Collin stared down at a tree, looking that he shocked himself, he smiled, "Oops..." he shrugged.

Holly realised that she was clutching onto Flynn's arm, but he didn't seem to notice, as he was shaking his head at Collin, and Holly was surprised on how cold Flynn seemed to be. She backed up, and shook her head, Collin called, "It wasn't my fault."

Holly wasn't even sure if he had noticed her jump, since he slightly was shocked himself, and he walked up to him, "Only you would knock down a tree." he said, folding his arms.

Collin shook his head, "It fell by itself! It almost got me too!" he said.

Flynn rolled his eyes, "Yeah, sure." he smiled, shaking his head.

Collin said, "No! Really! It fell!" he jumped up and down in frustration in front of his brother, he huffed, and crossed his arms too.

Holly walked up to Collin, and poked him, and she thought, They're both cold as ice... If they were human, it'd mean they were dead.

Collin asked, "Is there a reason why you're poking me?" looking down at her.

She looked up, and asked, "A-Are you both hurt somewhere?"

Flynn and Collin looked at her curiously, confused, and Flynn asked, "Can you repeat the question?"

Holly shook her head, "I mean, are you okay?" she asked.

That just made them more confused, and Collin answered, "We're both fine, why?" he asked.

Holly turned away from them, "It's nothing." she said.

Flynn asked, "If it was nothing, why would you ask?"

Holly turned to look at him, and said nothing, she looked on, "It's nothing really." she said, but was aught off guard when Flynn walked towards her.

"You know, humans are really bad at hiding stuff." he joked.

Holly looked down at the ground, "I mean it, it's nothing." she said, looking back up.

She knew Flynn didn't believe her, but he didn't press it farther, he sighed, and said, "Okay, whatever you say." he shrugged.

Holly felt bad for not revealing why she was so concerned, and she decided to just tell him, "It's just that, you both seem very cold, if you were human, that would mean you were dead." she said.

Collin seemed confused, even making a confused face, while Flynn didn't answer, and he tipped his head slightly, "I thought it was everyone..." he said in a confused, sweet voice.

Holly shook her head, "Erm, humans tend to be warm, unless they're dead, or freezing." she said, shrugging, "But you're not human, do either of you feel cold?" she asked.

Flynn looked at Collin, and shook his head, "Not really, or, I don't feel any different." Flynn murmured.

Collin shrugged, "I don't really notice." he said.

Holly shivered, "I'd notice if I was freezing cold." she shook her head, "Oh, fine, don't mind me! I'm just a human, ignore me! I have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm confusing myself." she huffed much like Collin, and crossed her arms.

Flynn just continued to stare at her in a confused fashion, and Collin asked, "What did we say...? he faltered.

Holly didn't answer, and only continued to make a huffy face, and when it was clear she was throughly annoyed with everything, Collin walked up, and flicked her in the head, and she gasped, "Ow!"

Collin asked, "Real enough for you?" in a sarcastic tone, as she rubbed her head, and she nodded. He muttered, "Good, don't want you to get uneasy around here." he looked around.

Holly asked, "What?"

Collin turned to her, "I said, it's best if you don't get uneasy here." he said, drawing up to his full height, looking down at Holly, who jumped back in shock. But Collin was soon flicked in the head as well, and he gasped, "Ow!" andmade a huffy face.

Flynn crossed his arms, "There's no need to terrifiy her." he growled.

Collin whipped to face his brother, "Well, it's not safe in this land with..." and he just shook his head, and said angrily, "It's not safe for any human to get uneasy!"

Flynn just took a step toward his brother, also huffing, and looking almost as scary as Collin, "She won't be facing it, you are, and it's not even fully awake." he pointed out.

Holly stepped in front of them, "Fine, let's go on a different topic, one, we obviously need rest, we're all moody." she said.

Both of them looked like they wanted to argue, and she said, "Don't bother arguing with me, because I will give you tons of reasons why we should rest!"

Collin sighed, "I guess so..." and turned away from his brother, but Flynn didn't seem fazed. Holly wasn't fazed either, since he's known for his temper. She said, "Well, if you want to stay awake, be my guest, I'm not, I'm only human afterall, I can't stay awake for days on end, and not feel tired." she turned away, looking around.

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