This story will be about horses


Chapter 1:The MeadowEdit

The young foal, Silver, sat by his mother, Swoop, by a tree. "I'm taking you to the meadow" Swoop told her foal. "What's a meadow?" Silver asked. "It's a long stretch of grass and there is no trees, just plenty of grass to eat" Swoop replied.(Silver is gray and Swoop is brown). "Trust me, you'll love it" Swoop whinnied. Silver and Swoop traveled for a long time before they reached the long field of grass. "The meadow?" Silver asked. "The meadow" Swoop replied.

Silver let out a happy whinnie and started running arround the meadow, Swoop ran over and joined him as the two happily ran through the meadow. Silver and Swoop ate the delicious grass all day. A small grey animal with a big bushy tail was eating nuts in the grass. "That's a squirrel" Swoop explained. Silver walked over to the small squirrel and it ran away. "Why did it run away?" the gray foal asked his mother. "Because you're so much bigger than it is" Swoop explained. Suddenly, a loud crackling noise sounded and many birds fluttered up into the air.

"What was that?" Silver asked. "Run" Swoop replied. "Go!" the brown filly continued. Swoop ran desperately behind Silver, pushing him forward. as they were running Swoop finally shouted "It's the two-foot's!"

Chapter 2:Run And Hide!Edit

Even though Silver and Swoop continued to run, the cracking noises get very close. That's when it happened, the crackling noise came close and Swoop crashed to the ground, blood trickled from a hole in her shoulder. "Run my son, I love you" Swoop murmured and closed her eyes. Silver was horrified but knew he had to run or the Two-foot's would get him too! Silver ran for a long time until the noises stopped and Silver curled up beside of a tree.

Grief flooded his body as he pictured Swoop lying on the ground with the hole in her shoulder as it oozed blood. Silver sadly knew that Swoop had to be dead.

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