This is about a young girl named Hikari, who lives in a rather large tribe of others in the South pole.

But one hunting trip with her friend, she starts to realise something different about her, something weird.

Chapter 1Edit

"Hurry up Hikari! There's alot of people who are hungry, and I'm starting to taste the sea prune stew!" Hikari's friend, Jinra, said with a hungry expression.

Hikari sighed, "Can you hold on for one second?" she got her spear, and jumped into the boat with Jinra, who muttered about fish.

As they cast off, Hikari sighed, wishing that she just wan't a hunter, she wanted to be something more.. Something amazing.

Hikari looked up at the moon, she was always curious with it, and how it seemed to control the movements of the water.

She looked back at Jinra, and started to move her hands, backwards and forward, and again, backwards and forwards.

She felt as if there was water in her hands, and she gasped when she saw a little spurt of water rise with her hands.

"H-Hey! Jinra!" Hikari called, waving her hands, the water spurt seemed to follow her movements. Jinra growled as she turned around, "What?"

She gasped as Hikari began spinning in the boat, streaming the water to surround the boat. Junra shivered, "Stop it!"

"No! This is amazing!" Hikari laughed, twirling the water around and around.

She then felt a sharp jab in the back of her head, and soon, there was water all over her and Jinra. She snarled, "What was that for?"

"What you were doing was not natural, humans can't control water, it's impossible." Jinra snarled back.

Hikari just stared at her, and yelled, "Fine!" she turned to the back of the boat,and clapped her hands together, and the boat started to move quickly.

"Ah!" Jinra screamed as she held onto the boat as Hikari kept moving it, dodging icebergs.

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