The BlurbEdit

The clans have fallen but the time has come for new clans to rule,

StreamClan, SunClan, SparkClan, and SwiftClan

They are faster, smarter, and more bloodthirsty than the ancient clans

but one day a prophecy comes, It reads,

Five kits will be born to queens, in each clan, they will have the choice, save the Clans, or Destroy them,

Nobody knows what this means,

But while battles happen over it,

the kits are born,

will the clans cooperate and make peace,

or will the clans be destroyed...

The Time Has Come...

Allegiances Edit

To see the allegiances go here

Chapter 1 (Pinekit) Edit

Pinekit scuffled in the dirt with her brothers., their dark pelts turned light brown in the dust. "I'm Pinestar, and you're Breezeclaw and Scorchbreeze," she said from the top of the rock she had just jumped on. She then jumped back down on top of Breezekit, squealing with delight. "Be careful," Darkbloom said as she shared fresh-kill with Kestreltalon.

Chapter 2 (Lichenpaw) Edit

Coming Soon!!!

Chapter 3 (Foxscar) Edit

Coming Soon!!!

Chapter 4 (Scorchkit) Edit

Coming Soon!!!

Chapter 5 (Poolpaw) Edit

Coming Soon!!!

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