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This is a fanfiction by Shadewing. It is based off of Bleach episodes 209 - 211, with some added stuff. It is from Kensei Muguruma's point of view, if you know who that is. If you don't watch Bleach, or haven't gotten to these episodes yet, then I suggest you go do so or you will be confused.


Praise Edit

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Chapter 1 Edit

Kensei felt pain tear through his inside as the cold blade of a sword pierced his body. The shroud of black that had surrounded him slowly faded and died away, and the night was revealed once again. The sliver of moon still glowed, bright and silver, high up in the dark sky.

Realizing there was someone behind him, Kensei turned to look back, though it was painful to even move. The face before him sent a jolt through his entire body.

"You! Not you!"

Staring sightlessly back at him, face hidden by that odd mask, was Kaname Tosen.

There was a terrible drawing feeling as the sword was pulled from Kensei's body. He grimaced, trying not to make a sound. Blood soaked his shihakusho, now released from the wound. Though he longed to collapse onto the ground, he knew he must remain standing.

I may still need to fight, he thought as Kaname sheathed his blade. Just seeing him standing there made Kensei angry.

"What's going on?" he demanded. "Why did you kill Heizo and the others?"

His officer did not answer. Instead, he turned and strode into the tent, as casually as he would if it were still a regular mission. But it was not a regular mission anymore.

A high-pitched, young girl's shriek rose from the tents interior.

"Mashiro!" Despite his usual annoyance with his lieutenant, Kensei felt a pang of worry. What if Kaname had stabbed her? What if he killed her? He didn't want to lose another squad member tonight...

But relief came as Mashiro from the tent and onto the ground to his right. Kaname came out after her, stopping right in front of Kensei.

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