Llandieuan (Welsh for Saint John) is a fictional area in Wales consisting of three villages of Llandieuan, Caer Mihangel and Duon graig. The area like most of rural Wales is primarily Welsh speaking and remote but the only area with problems is the former village of Duon Graig.

Llandieuan Edit

Llandieuan is the second largest village in the area with a population of 1,200. The village houses a services such as a petrol station, shops, a police station, restaurants and a three star hotel. It also includes a medieval church and the area is separated from Duon Graig by a castle.

Caer Mihangel Edit

Caer Mihangel is quite similar to Llandieuan except have 400 more people and housing a cathedral which looks more like any other church in Wales. It also hosts a secondary school.

Duon Graig Edit

Duon Graig is a failure, once having a population of 1,500 now only has a population of 110 nearly all of whom are related. The town's most noticeable feature is a church on a hill. The remaining townsfolk are known to have taken the law into their own hands when they need it and by law is not by Welsh law. The village was once full of life until the great depression which had many of its residents move to one of the two other villages or out of the diocese in general. More left after the village police station was burned in 1935. The townsfolk have been known to kill "criminals" which include anyone who isn't white, homosexuals and even simple passers-bys. The town is primarily inbred and incest is the most common form of reproduction in the isolated village and according to the townspeople of the other villages as well as the rest of the shire your cousins are your siblings.

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