Leopardfur was sorting out patrols. “Blackclaw you go hunting, and Whiteclaw, Loudbelly, Silverpaw, Heavypaw, and Greenflower come with me on a border patrol,” she said finishing up. When they neared the gorge they saw shapes moving. Leopardfur beckoned with her tail for them to attack. They raced into battle, Whiteclaw attacking Graystripe, Leopardfur attacking Deadfoot, and Greenflower, Silverpaw and Heavypaw attacking Onewhisker. Loudbelly attacked Fireheart and was surprised to hear more cats coming. For ThunderClan, Tigerclaw, Whitestorm, Willowpelt, and Sandpaw raced in. For RiverClan Blackclaw raced in. Sandpaw and Greenflower started fighting, Silverpaw attacked Willowpelt and Blackclaw and Whitestorm were fighting viciously. Tigerclaw had raced over to help Deadfoot. Fireheart had pulled away to go help Sandpaw. Loudbelly was about to go help Leopardfur but he saw Whiteclaw fall from the gorge. He froze. Whiteclaw was his nephew. His sister, Sedgecreek’s son, when Sedgecreek and her mate, Frogleap, died they left Greenkit and Whitekit., who became Greenflower and Whiteclaw. He was like a father to the two warriors. Loudbelly had lost that day more than he had ever lost before. Six moons later Greenflower moved to the nursery expecting Stonefur’ kits. She kitted in the middle of the great journey. She died while kitting, but not before having Pouncekit and Dapplekit, thank goodness Mosspelt could become a foster mother to them. People say Whiteclaw’s death forced him into the elder’s den. But one thing is for sure, Loudbelly should have been renamed Sorrowfull, because he had expiereinced more sorrow than any cat.

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