This is a warriors series, since I don't have a warriors series on here yet x3


Since Shattered is just a temporary name until I think up a more awesomer one, I should tell you what it's about.

Young Heronpaw is seeing strange things, she wonders why no one else can see what she sees, and why they don't believe her.

Well, Whitepaw believes her, but that's just one cat, and he can't speak against their clan, Shadowclan, whose new leader is harsh and cruel.

In fear for Whitepaw to be punished by the cruel Clawstar, she makes him make a promise, to protect his life, because the visions are of future tradegys, and past mistakes.

For all clans, she doesn't know where she is recieving them from, she sometimes even sees cats that were suppoesed to be dead.

But, from what Starclan tell her, she is no ordinary apprentice, and they call her a seer, not being a medicine cat though, she wonders why they picked her, and why they would show her the dangers.

When she can't bear them herself.

Set 1Edit

Mirror Image

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