Chapter 1, The Beginning (Eaglefur)Edit

Pine looked at the lake shimmering in the morning sun. His black fur cool in the shade. He was a lone wolf. He never was part of a pack. Pine hated the idea of being lead by an alpha, so he was a lone wolf. Not to be lead by anyone. He scanned the area slowly, checking for prey. Nothing. "Agh!' he groaned. "I'm starving." a brown shape flashed by his face. A rabbit! He thought as he ran after it. He leaped and the rabbit fell to the ground. He was about to eat the morsel when he heard a voice."That was my rabbit." a wolf said smiling. Pine stood up quickly. The other wolf's pretty green eyes sparkled. "My name is Cherry." she said kindly.Pine was captivated by her beauty. Maybe they could be mates and start their own pack? Pine shook his head at the idea. "So..." he said looking at his paws. "Maybe we could be friends?" Cherry nodded "Sure!" she smiled TO BE CONTIUED

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