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Chapter 1Edit

Ratura flew across the night sky, her mottled gray feathers fluffed out against the cold. She landed quietly on a branch beside an old, ancient, hollow tree trunk.
"Ratura, we are glad you could come," a voice said from the branch right above her.
"Thank you Scree," Ratura replied, "I trust the others are here."
"Of course," the old owl, Scree replied, "they're already inside."
With a nod Ratura flew into the hollow tree and saw the others, Maple, Cloud, Vole, Smoke, and Mottle had all found a
place to sit.
"The Time is coming," Ratura said, "we will fight before long."
"What about the starlings," Mottle asked, "Gray has made it clear that they have joined with the Dust League."
"They might have the starlings, but we have the snakes," Smoke pointed out.
"Wait," Ratura said, "Mottle has a point, I say we have a patrol go and fight the starlings before the actual battle."
"Good idea," Cloud said.
"Well then, Cloud you lead it take Vole, Maple, and Ivy, the snake, with you."
"Will that be enough to defend our camp?" Vole asked.
"Yes," Ratura replied, "remember we have Moss, Gorse, and Pebble, the other snakes too."
"Well then, lets go," Cloud said, "Vole you will carry Ivy."
"Come back in a week," Ratura called after them as they left, "because that's when the battle will start."

Chapter 2Edit

Vole flew behind Cloud, to the left of her was Maple, and he was holding Ivy.
Cloud flew out of the forest, and into the plains, where they hunted. Ivy caught two mice, Maple caught a hare, Cloud caught a squirrel, and Vole had caught two mice, also. While they were eating Ivy kept watch, scanning the skies and ground for any enemies.
"Everyone done," Cloud asked, before starting to fly off.
They reached the Starling's camp by nightfall.
"We'll attack after the moon reaches it's highest," Cloud said.
Vole woke up from a nap and quickly flew to where Cloud, Ivy, and Maple were.
"Ready?" Cloud aked.
Vole, Maple, and Cloud took flight. Maple dropped Ivy near where they were going to attack.
When they got to the Starling's camp, Vole quickly grabbed the guard, whom he recognized as Water. He shook the black female starling and threw her against a tree. Then the three owls and the snake silently went into camp. With a shriek Cloud attacked one of the starlings, and the camp flew into battle.
Vole grabbed the nearest starling, whom he recognized as Branch, and sunk his talons into his throat, before slamming him againse another Starling with a dull thump. As he fought Vole started recognizing more and more of the Starlings as one's he's already fought, the owls were soon overwhelmed.
"Retreat!" Cloud screeched.
Vole grabbed Ivy, who still had a starling in her mouth and flew into the air, with Maple and Cloud following, but much to their dismay the starlings followed them into the air!

Chapter 3Edit

Ratura looked out of the hollow tree, she sighed, it was such a peaceful morning, she hoped it was like this for Cloud and his patrol.
She looked in the air and saw Smoke and Scree flying in with some prey in their talons, a plump mouse and a small rabbit.
"Is that all wou could find?" she asked.
Scree nodded, "there's nothing out there but dust."
Ratura sighed, was this how they were going to die?

Chapter 4Edit

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