The Frost LeagueEdit

Ratura- a small, fierce, mottled gray female owl.
Scree- an old brown male owl.
Maple- a young, clumsy, mottled gray female owl.
Cloud- a pure white male owl.
Vole- a mottled brown male owl.
Smoke- a black male owl.
Mottle- a tiny mottled female owl.
Moth- a golden female owl.

The Dust LeagueEdit

Blossom- an almost ginger female owl.
Silver- a silver male owl.
Tiny- small white, female owl
Rabbit- young brown and white male owl.
Otter- brown female owl.
Seed- mottled brown male owl
Scar- big male owl with tons of scars
Night- black male owl.
Leaf- brown male owl.
Feather- gray female owl.

The Northen OnesEdit

Sky- small light brown female owl.
Rain- small mottled male owl.
Snow- small white female owl.


(Allied with the Dust League)

Gray- gray male starling
Breeze- ginger female starling
Red- Ginger male starling.
Water- black female Starling.
Branch- brown male starling.
Tuft- small, ragged male starling.


(Allied with the Frost League)

Moss- a lithe, brown female snake.
Gorse- a big, male snake.
Pebble- gray male snake.
Ivy- small female snake.
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