The Hunger Games was written by Suzanne Collins. If you haven't read it.. I highly suggest you do, I do not own the hunger games, I am just making a fanficiton/alot more stories series (Cause the actual has only 3.. But it's still awesome :))

If you have any questions about the Hunger Games, feel free to ask me (Because I've read all the books, and going to see the movie too!)

This is for Teens, for violence I guess. xD.


There are twelve districts in Panem (The United States) and the capitol. There was a big rebellion, and the capitol made the Hunger Games, to show the districts who's boss.

There's the wild (Canada)

There is

District 1- Making luxery items for the capitol is their idustry, there are a Career district (Meaning their tributes train for The Hunger Games)

District 2- They train Peace-keepers, and their tributes are usually careers.

District 3- Their idustry is electronics, they specialize in Automobiles, explosives, that type of thing.

District 4- They specialize in fishing, and are usually a Career district.

District 5- They specilize in power, and electricity.

District 6- Transportation, not much is known other then that.

District 7- Their idustry is lumber.

District 8- Their idustry is textiles and clothing, and they usually have at least one factory making Peace-keeper uniforms.

District 9- GrainGrainGrain.

District 10- Livestock (Animals)

District 11-Agriculture

District 12- Coal mining (Near a city/town that used to be called Appalachia)

I'll leave it too you to imagine where the districts are, but you have to take in account that most of the U.S.A is like.. Underwater

The capitol and district 2 are located in the rockies.

Now, The Hunger Games is a compition, a fight to the death, between 24 kids, 1 boy and 1 girl from each district.

Set 1?Edit

Always A First

Red Robin

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