A story showing a boy named Jacob's whole school life from Kindergarten to his Senior Year

Chapter 1:Starting KindergartenEdit

Jacob stood by his mother, Miranda, and his father, Joe as he stared down his new school. Only 5 years old, Jacob was frightened about starting school. Pre-k had been easy, but this was real school. Jacob looked at the other kids, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th graders! "You'll do fine" Miranda bent down and kissed Jacob on the cheek, Miranda had tears forming in her eyes. Joe patted Jacob on the head. Jacob, Miranda, and Joe entered the school and escorted Jacob to his new classroom. A woman who looked like she was in her fourty's walked up to them "I'm Mrs.Harvey" she greeted them. "This is our son, Jacob" Joe replied.

Mrs.Harvey walked over to a chair and a desk that was among many others "This will be Jacob's seat" Mrs.Harvey told them. Miranda and Joe sat Jacob down and both seemed sad. Jacob begun to cry after seeing Miranda and Joe looking sad. "Bye Mommy, bye Daddy" Jacob whispered to his parent's. Miranda and Joe kissed him on the cheek and left crying. Two boys walked over to Jacob, one had blonde hair and one had brown hair. "I'm Micah" the blonde one replied. "I'm Keaton" murmured the brown haired one.

"I'm Jacob" the two nodded and sat down as Mrs.Harvey started talking. "Welcome to Kindergarten" she announced. "Let's learn each-other's names!" Mrs.Harvey told them. Jacob learned the names of many kids. Layton, Molly, Katelynn, Kamron, Drew, Corey, Hannah, Jessie(a boy). When it was Jacob's turn, he rose his voice as loud as he could. "I'm Jacob" his voice sounded quiet. The other kids greeted him and he finally felt at home.

Chapter 2:A New Teacher And New FriendsEdit

Jacob was coloring with Layton and Kate when Mrs.Harvey made an announcement. "There is a new teacher named Mrs.Butler and some kids are moving to her class, Jacob, Kate, and Layton are the only ones from this class who are moving" Mrs.Harvey announced. When Jacob, Layton, and Kate got to the new classroom, Mrs.Butler looked like she was in her early 30's.

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