Name The Twilight Princess, Midna
Description See picture
Trivia Weilder of the Sword of the Sages, the Blade of Evil's Bane, and the Seven Jems of Ariea.

Princess of Ariea.

Neice to Zant.

Minda is new to Twili magic, but has a knack for it.

She dislikes Dark Twili magic, becasue of the way it leaves her feeling.

Summoning comand: Fade from the Twilight.

Quotes None as of yet.
Books Alive The Twilight Princess

The Green Warrior

The Usurper King

The Mad King

The Inferno King

The Beast King

The Majestic Star

The Twilight Necklace

The Shadow Monarch

Books Dead None


The Twilight PrincessEdit

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The Green WarriorEdit

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The Usurper KingEdit

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The Mad KingEdit

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The Inferno KingEdit

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The Beast KingEdit

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The Majestic StarEdit

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The Twilight NecklaceEdit

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The Shadow MonarchEdit

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Abilities, Powers, and WeponsEdit

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