Author: Me, derp x3.

Genre: I don't know x3

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Kindom of Graelach (Gray Lock) Ruled by King Midus and Queen Tiffany


Skrealand (Southern village.)

Jouris (Western Village)

Kingdom of Hostrich, Ruled by King Lachlan



Kingdom of Ishari, Ruled by King Aris and Queen Aryna (Air-i-na)



Kingdom of Nixsan, Ruled by unknown


Lily is just an ordinary girl, living in a large castle with her sister, Princess Heather, and her father and mother.

But Princess Lillian was never the girly girl type, and when a fun hunting trip goes wrong, and she meets with four of the village boys.. She starts to realise.

She is not human at heart.

For spirits are always animal, and very few.. Were ever born human.

But after an accident.. Her inner spirit comes out.

Transforming her and her newly found friends.

Can she learn how to survive.. not as a human? But as her inner self? Mentally and physically?

Set 1Edit

Spirits Beyond

The White Kingdom

Stormy Skies

The Plains of Unrest


Cursed Snow

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