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Dead is a writer, go ask him some questions if you wanna know more :)


Welcome to World of Fanfictions Wiki
The wiki about Writing of any kind that anyone can edit! This is where you can write about anything, from animals to non-existing creatures made up by you to murders to science fiction. Have fun! We can be E-mailed at The Wiki colors are light lime green, grass green, lavender, and dark purple.


294 articles since February 2011.

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World of Fanfictions Wiki currently has 294 acticles as of 18/10/2021, 09:09

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Violet - Bureaucrat, Administrator, Rollbacker, and Chat Moderator

Cinder - Administrator, Rollbacker, and Chat Moderator

Dead - Administrator, Rollbacker, and Chat Moderator

Bird - Rollbacker


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